Silver Fish at the Surface

Silver At The Surface: The Silver Jenny

This silver fish is a Silver Jenny.  This particular Jenny was nervously swimming near the surface of the water trying to blend in as much as possible. It was obviously interested in the strange being pointing the camera at it but was unsure whether it should try to hide or run for safety.

I think it decided that the best course of action was to stay near the surface of the water for the best possible chance of blending in.   Indeed, in nature the silver coloring and the narrow shape of the body lets fish blend in with the wave reflected light at the surface or the natural sands at the edge of the surf.

Another use of the silver and very shiny reflective scales is the confusion it can cause a bigger fish when there is a large school of the smaller Jenny’s swimming by.  It is difficult to “lock on” to a specific fish to catch when you’re faced with a wall of moving silver flashing by at high speeds.

The Jenny is commonly referred in the fishing world as a mojarras or bait fish.  It’s not unusual for these fish to be misidentified due to all 28 species of this genus look so much alike.

I can easily sympathize with this as a background search of these fish led me to knowing no more than they are found the world over and they are often used as a living bait fish to catch other larger game.  I came away with the distinct impression that the only people who would be able to positively identify the exact species name of a particular fish would either be a professional fisherman or an ichthyologist.

I will, however, call this the distinct opportunity to accurately describe this portrait as “The one who got away.”  This is solely because I’ve managed to lose or cut loose more bait more times than I’ve ever been able to catch dinner.

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