Skyblue: Portrait of a Pondhawk

The amazing thing about walking around a pond is that you are never sure of what you will find.  Consider Skyblue, today’s piece of photographic art.  I thought that this beautifully blue colored insect was a piece of trash or even a strangely painted stick.


As I walked up to this dragonfly I immediately saw the potential for with this great piece of photographic art on a stretched canvas .   The discovery of this creature was so compelling because of the wonderful color of his body and the strange swirling effect of the green in his eyes.  The wings are also detailed, and seem to be a set of paper-thin wires.


I had never seen such a blue colored dragonfly and instantly decided that I needed to find out what this insect was.  Upon further research, I Googled it, I discovered that this dragonfly does not come without it’s own controversy.


Evidently, the science community has a small battle going on about what the proper name of this alluring insect is.  It appears that part of the scientists see this insect as an example of the Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) as contrast to the Western Pondhawk  Dragonfly(Erythemis collacata), while another group counter that there is no such grouping of the species and that it should just be called the Common Pondhawk Dragonfly(Erythemis simplicicollis) .


Not to worry though, the Dragonfly Society of the Americas deems to recognize both classifications.


Of course it is no secret that dragonflies are the fastest insects around, some travel at more than 30+mph, and easily capture prey as big as they are.  In the insect world he is a cold-blooded killer.


I came to learn that Skyblue is a portrait of a male Pondhawk.  It seems the females are a green color while the males turn blue or blue with green. According to Bugguide, the males also have a secondary pair of genitalia.  Though honestly, I’m not to sure I want to know how they know that.  I just wanted his picture.


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