Spanish Door

Spanish Door: An Insider’s Guide to Here or There

Spanish Door is a recent work depicting the entrance door to the chapel of a Catholic Mission. A door is a very popularly cultural item among most cultures in the world. In this case, the door represents a barrier to keep the mundane or profane from the divine. The door acts as a reminder to the church patron that the space behind this door is holy and proper respect and actions are necessary.

This is not a new concept. Every culture uses the metaphor of a door as a barrier to separate the here from the there. Doors break up the interior of a house. They give the limits or ending or one room from another, and determine where the new room begins.

When closed a door means to keep something Spanish Doorinside the room it is protecting. Closed doors protect your privacy and even keep the atmospheric conditions, like the coolness of an air-conditioned or the warmth of a heated room from spreading to another. Examples of this include your freezer door and the door to the oven.

But, doors are not just physical entities that bar our passage or protect items under lock and key. They also serve as a basis for metaphors.   Metaphoric doors are also important to your career.

An open door management policy allows for workers to express their thought or complaints to management with no fear of repercussions. While a meeting behind closed doors signifies that the subject being discussed is not sharable with the public and that the ordinary citizen’s input is not welcome.

When open, a door is an invitation to advance into what is occupying the next space. It’s an invitation to travel from here to there.  When closed, a door is a barrier to knowing what is happening in that space.  This is the concept of the Spanish Door. Only by entering through the portal can one understand or take part in the sacred space located behind it.  It’s as if the builders of the door are saying “If you are not there, you will not take part in our group. ”

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