Summer Reds

Summer Reds

When I hear about summer reds the first thing I think of is wine.  But in this case, we are talking about art in nature.

The photographic work Summer Reds gives vision to the force of color in nature.   Red colors give enchantment and welcome glow to the usual blend of greens and browns that inhabit a garden with little to no flowering plants.  Indeed the artistic challenge of any gardener is to break up the consistent green that you ordinarily see from the sheer number of living plants.   This is where Japanese maple trees shine their best.  The natural red leaves only continue to darken to a crimson color as the year progresses on.


The value of such a colored ornamental plant is perfect for the shade.  In fact Japanese maples have to be shaded, or protected from the full afternoon sun in some way.  The delicate leafs cannot take the punishment doled out by the Texas summer heat and they will burn into a horrible garish brown.  This staying in the shadows works to a gardeners advantage however, as the deep reds and yellows that these plants grow will nurture an inspiring scene of bright colors and latent greens in a garden.


The other contrast that satisfies our artistic view in Summer Reds  in nature is the use of sunlight and deep shadow.  This flagrant battle between the sun-kissed bark and the deep dark shadows of the underside of various stems and limbs improve our attention to detail in the scene. We can sense the sunlight nurturing the red leafs in the early morning light.  Cultivation and nourishment for both tree and our own interests before the hard reality of the afternoon comes to envelop the tree in shadow and diminish the transparency  and bright glow of colorful leafs.

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