Blazing Clouds

Sunsets for the End of the Year

Another Christmas holiday has come and gone into the wake of history.  It is the day after Christmas and people are either going back to work or fighting with gift receipts to return the Christmas sweater that is now 2 sizes too small thanks to the holiday feasting.  It’s now time to start looking at the end of the year and all the excitement and possibilities of the new one.

Artistically, the end of the year always reminds me of glorious sunsets. Then it hit me, why not?   So, as a going out of the year spectacular the last week of the year, we will look at some gorgeous sunsets.  These locations don’t have snow, the drinks come in coconuts, and ice comes out of a freezer at the bar; not outside.

Blazing Clouds is a sunset photograph that uses the interesting color details of the sun hitting the clouds to draw the viewer in it’s spectacular image.  This photographic art is a great example of an invigorating blend of colors and shadows imprinted on the clouds, as the setting sun appears to set them aflame.  Looking at the sky, this vision was so captivating that taking shot of it almost seemed second nature.

I hope you enjoy this piece and would like to leave a comment below.

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