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This Red Barn

It is not surprising that in the ever-expanding hustle and urbanization of our country’s metroplex areas the humble hay barn is slowly becoming a standing monument to the past. This old red barn stands testament to a way of life very few of us know. The days of farming and stacking hay in barn to feed your livestock is an occupation that requires us to leave the smell of diesel and gasoline engines for the smell of dirt and manure.

Yet time never stands still as this decaying skeleton of a once proud farmhouse barn can stand testament to. The paint is peeling and the weeds are overgrown. The roof no longer does it’s important rain defying work. This old building once stood as a powerful reminder of a farmers wealth and influence, now suffers from the indignities of old age and the ravages of time.

Red Barn
Red Barn

Once considered to expensive and time-consuming to raise new, this declining relic is now too expensive and time-consuming to level. Perhaps all the farmers have gone. Moved to the city and its bright lights for better opportunities. What then of this old barn. What hollow adventures are left for it?

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