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Richardson Cafe Brazil Restaurant Elevates Meals with Gallery Art

Some days you just have to sound your own horn.   So when an exciting opportunity to view and acquire genuine gallery artworks at one of Richardson’s favorite restaurants happens, we just have to let you know.

Trumpets of Glory
Trumpets of Glory

A&A Photographic Arts has recently expanded our relationship with the Cafe Brazil restaurant on U.S. 75 in Richardson, TX.

The restaurant has recently acquired 8 different photographic works from A&A Photographic Arts. The pictures are now on display and share an eclectic view of the natural world around us. Works include Texas and New Mexico landscapes, and scenes from a local garden. All of the pieces are available to the public for purchase.

We have produced many of the pictures on pieces of

works on display
Iphone pic of recent works on display

aluminum that give the color and tone of the scene a chance to really stand out. The metal surface allows for the light to reflect and enhance the picture in a way that cannot be duplicated with canvas or traditional framing. This allows for crisp and bright colors in the image while maintaining the pure blacks and darker colors that denote exceptional quality.

The vision behind the recent works on display is to take the ordinary natural world people see around them and provide a channel for them to experience photography on a whole new level. Each picture produces a renewed sense of wonderment and awe of the everyday beauty we take for granted everyday.

Our goal is to provide quality art to the public by promoting the role of the photographic arts in the fine arts.  The recent expansion of our works into Richardson’s Cafe Brazil restaurant will provide patrons with the unique opportunity of acquiring fine photographic art while  enjoying a great meal.

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Update: Now Available at Cafe Brazil!

Today we present a simple Monday update post. A quick update to the comings and goings and general things happening at the gallery is necessary every once in a while to keep you, our readers and patrons, informed on our current expansions and acquisitions and I don’t disappoint! So before you press the X in the corner of that browser, let me say that exciting things continue to progress and our plans for the future look great.

The biggest news I offer for your art collecting benefit is our recent

Sailboats at Sunset
Find me at Cafe Brazil!

acceptance of an artist contract with Cafe Brazil restaurants to display and sell our artwork at their Beltline location in North Dallas/ Addison. It’s now possible to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner while viewing our photographic art! The best part? Why, it’s possible to own and take home the very piece you enjoyed your meal with. Good meals and great art make for happy people.

Currently, we are displaying acrylic, canvas and traditionally framed and matted works, signed by the artist, and ready to hang in your home or office. Tell the managers, Phillip or Diego, you came for a meal and to see our art.

Not to worry though, we are not leaving our place on the Internet as a no pressure, on-line art gallery. New pictures along with informative articles about the artwork or ,sometimes, short stories that feature our works will continue to available for your reading, viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Our plans are also quite simple. We will continue to expand our artistic selections and increase our on-line and off-line options for our patrons out there. Stay tuned for more events. The easiest way is to simply subscribe.

Why not start your own artistic journey ?  Sign up to be a friend of A&A Photographic Arts today!