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The Strange Case of The Striped Cow

Going out on a photo shoot takes time, concentration and, now and then, a bit of luck. The general idea is to carefully notice everything around me and look for potential angles and light displays that captivate my inner artist.  It could be the light of the early morning sun as it hits a bird in just the right way, or the shade of a palm tree protecting a flower from the harshest of the sun’s rays.

But, as hard as I try, sometimes I do not realize what I have captured until I get home and start intensively critiquing and processing my raw work. Such is the case with our new piece of art Striped Cow.   The pattern of stripes and color on her head and flanks was simply mesmerizing.

Striped Cow
Striped Cow

She turned her head in my direction giving me that classical bovine look of curiosity with ears propped up listening to see if I was a threat to her peace and quiet. In the field I noticed she turned her body slightly to get a better view of my approach.  She was only interested in what I was going to do. More than likely worried that I meant her or her herd possible harm.   I always find it humorous that cattle do not seem to think that the same fence that keeps them from harming you also keeps us from approaching and harming them.

In any case,  it wasn’t until the final stages of processing these pictures that my attention caught the unusual.   I was working on the edges to give it that classic overexposed vignette when I noticed the anomaly.

It appears out indelible friendly cow only has 3 legs.   It’s not true of course.   She had four legs when I took the shot, however, the angle of her far right front leg matches up perfectly with her left front leg.   Further adding to the illusion is the blackish striping she has at the top of her leg. It makes her shoulder appear to camouflage into the rest of her flank.

A strange illusion indeed and definitely not one that you see everyday.  Sometimes it is the hidden illusion in a picture that add that sense of wonder to a piece.  I believe this is such a case.

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A Back to School Sale

As the new school year gets under way at Greenhill School in Addison, TX. The student population quickly gets use to life on a campus that includes peacocks. These magnificent birds have graced the school campus for generations.

Both peacocks and peahens have lived on the Greenhill campus since the 1960’s. They were originally part of a small menagerie of animals used to educate the Lower School children. Since most of these early students lived in an urban city like Dallas, the chance to experience live animals such as peacocks provided a unique learning environment that Greenhill carries forth to today.

Over the years the peacock population rose to the point where the caretakers took humane control measures by retiring one old arthritic bird to a wildlife shelter to live out its retirement in aviary paradise. The peacocks have also seen their share of difficulty as the decline of the peacock population to a mere 2 birds on campus during the 1990’s caused a movement to purchase more.

While the peacocks are very much self-sufficient, they do need someone to watch out for the sick or injured.  Injuries sometimes occur when the males, seeing reflections of themselves in windows, will attack themselves.  Other problems are possible with wild coyotes or large hawks attacking the young.  So, the school has a staff member to be on hand to deal with these difficulties as they arise.

Among the  administrative staff at the school, the unofficial but very honorable position of “Keeper of the Peacocks” passed down through the ages from Mrs. Kittleman to Mrs. Nicholson to finally Mrs. Strevig.

While the official school mascot is the Greenhill Hornets, all the students, faculty and visitors remember the peacocks on campus. Their colorful displays and loud squawks surely delight and will help educate the children of Greenhill for decades to come.

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Reference: The Evergreen Nov. 12, 2012.

Expanded Printing Options

When it comes to printing your new work of art, the methods and styles of display are many.  Here are some facets of the way we like to see printing done through our gallery.


The use of a high quality paper-stock, canvas, colored inks, and wooden frames is a necessary need for printing your future photographic art. At the end of production the archival art prints and canvases are the stretched and framed by hand.

Extraordinary prints created using heavyweight 10 mil 255 gsm premium glossy photo paper with outstanding color saturation and the truest blacks possible on high quality photographic printers will add a sense of overwhelming quality and value to your art.

When it comes to framing, a 345 gsm semi-gloss fine Flash of Daisyart paper is perfect for the ideal high-resolution photographic imagery that causes your picture to truly magnify your status as a patron of the arts. Naturally, only paper that is acid, lignin, and OBA free is good for your art.


All canvas prints makes use of textured matte style canvas that is 20.5 mil bright white. The canvas  a poly cotton blend and has no harsh additives or chemical agents. The perfect quality canvas to last a 100 years.

The solid wood frames receive a lamination coating in black, white, or dark brown.  Modern frames designed to make sure your art is clean and seen in it’s exotically glorious detail when finally paired with paired with the ultra-low glare Plexiglas.

Framed work also arrives with wire attachments for hanging and protective rubber bumpers. It even has a picture nail hook!

To take advantage of these special offers just press the I am a Crated Artist logo.

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Skyblue: Portrait of a Pondhawk

The amazing thing about walking around a pond is that you are never sure of what you will find.  Consider Skyblue, today’s piece of photographic art.  I thought that this beautifully blue colored insect was a piece of trash or even a strangely painted stick.


As I walked up to this dragonfly I immediately saw the potential for with this great piece of photographic art on a stretched canvas .   The discovery of this creature was so compelling because of the wonderful color of his body and the strange swirling effect of the green in his eyes.  The wings are also detailed, and seem to be a set of paper-thin wires.


I had never seen such a blue colored dragonfly and instantly decided that I needed to find out what this insect was.  Upon further research, I Googled it, I discovered that this dragonfly does not come without it’s own controversy.


Evidently, the science community has a small battle going on about what the proper name of this alluring insect is.  It appears that part of the scientists see this insect as an example of the Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly (Erythemis simplicicollis) as contrast to the Western Pondhawk  Dragonfly(Erythemis collacata), while another group counter that there is no such grouping of the species and that it should just be called the Common Pondhawk Dragonfly(Erythemis simplicicollis) .


Not to worry though, the Dragonfly Society of the Americas deems to recognize both classifications.


Of course it is no secret that dragonflies are the fastest insects around, some travel at more than 30+mph, and easily capture prey as big as they are.  In the insect world he is a cold-blooded killer.


I came to learn that Skyblue is a portrait of a male Pondhawk.  It seems the females are a green color while the males turn blue or blue with green. According to Bugguide, the males also have a secondary pair of genitalia.  Though honestly, I’m not to sure I want to know how they know that.  I just wanted his picture.


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5 Ways to Decorate with Photography

People are always interested in finding new ways to decorate a room or even a whole house.   Photography gives the everyday person and professional interior designers a new tool in their design and decorating arsenal.

  • Mugs – Mugs and ceramics are a great choice   in a number of styles and functions. You can buy ceramics with your favorite picture or even fine art printed on the side. Placing photographs on everything from steins to bone china serve a dual purpose. I love the idea that I can use my art.  It decorates but also has a purpose.
  • Magnets – these aren’t just tourist magnets on your refrigerator anymore. Magnets placed on file cabinets, metal desks, metal baskets, even dry erase boards add a decorative and functional touch to the business or home office.
  • Calendars – Calendars come in all variety and styles and are everyday items found decorating most  kitchens or offices.  Once again it has both a function and an artistic value that gives it added value people are looking for.  A different picture displayed every month will add that special missing decorative element missing from a room.
  • Canvas –   These are popular at all the local fine art fairs.  The technology of putting a photograph on a printed stretched canvas has improved greatly over the last few years. Want to put a fine art landscape scene in a room?  Try a canvassed photograph and be surprised at the results.
  • Framed Fine Art – The classical photographic print.  They come in different sizes and shapes.  Placing a nice close up picture of a flower is very practical and modern. Choosing a sepia or black and white photograph highlights the artistic shades of color and movement in a rooms décor.   It gives a look that provides links to the past or modernize and update the antique to the present.

People wanting to change a room, or just give a space a wow factor use photographs.  They easily fit in places where paintings and other traditional poster print just won’t fit.

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