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Get The Scoop on Our Easter Rabbit Before You’re Too Late

Around my humble place of residence are scores of unseen plants and animals living, or trying to, in complete harmony with the humans and their industrial machines. Flowers and trees, birds, rabbits, squirrels, skunks, even coyotes and hawks are found living wild in our urban areas.

It is very rare to see the larger animals but finding them are a challenge that I enjoy. Often, these animals learn to approach humans in a cautionary way. One such example is our friendly kitten (baby rabbit) featured above. He was not real sure about me and never stopped looking in my direction during our little visit.

In fact, a small ballet soon ensued of him moving a foot away, and me slowly following. We’d stop, eye each other, and then continue to move another foot. This went on for several minutes until I finally lost the little guy under some brush.  Unfortunately, this is only half the work.


The other half of producing a work of art is in its production.  While most of the time the choice of whether to use black or white for a picture or full color is an easy choice for the photographic artist, sometimes the shot forces a specific choice.

For example, our cute bunny presented all forms of difficulties for a color shot. The rabbit has earth brown fur and he is sitting upon a small pile of flattened medium brown tree mulch while enjoying the protection of some dark shade from the sun wafting through the trees above.  The result was a small cute rabbit no one could see.  Obviously, what is great for the rabbit vs. predators is not so wonderful for the photographer.

It’s these very limits on what the picture will look like in color that makes photographic art no different from many of the other arts. For instance, In sculptor the rock forces the sculptor to use the rock he is given  in a particular way to create his work. It’s the same for photography, while I can manipulate the image in a variety of forms and fashions; I’m forced to use the underlying picture as nature gave it to me. This is the creative challenge that I love about this art.

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Expanded Printing Options

When it comes to printing your new work of art, the methods and styles of display are many.  Here are some facets of the way we like to see printing done through our gallery.


The use of a high quality paper-stock, canvas, colored inks, and wooden frames is a necessary need for printing your future photographic art. At the end of production the archival art prints and canvases are the stretched and framed by hand.

Extraordinary prints created using heavyweight 10 mil 255 gsm premium glossy photo paper with outstanding color saturation and the truest blacks possible on high quality photographic printers will add a sense of overwhelming quality and value to your art.

When it comes to framing, a 345 gsm semi-gloss fine Flash of Daisyart paper is perfect for the ideal high-resolution photographic imagery that causes your picture to truly magnify your status as a patron of the arts. Naturally, only paper that is acid, lignin, and OBA free is good for your art.


All canvas prints makes use of textured matte style canvas that is 20.5 mil bright white. The canvas  a poly cotton blend and has no harsh additives or chemical agents. The perfect quality canvas to last a 100 years.

The solid wood frames receive a lamination coating in black, white, or dark brown.  Modern frames designed to make sure your art is clean and seen in it’s exotically glorious detail when finally paired with paired with the ultra-low glare Plexiglas.

Framed work also arrives with wire attachments for hanging and protective rubber bumpers. It even has a picture nail hook!

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