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The Artistry in Pine Cones and Lomography

Our latest feature for our gallery is Pine Cones. This work represents one of many occasions where my inner artist took full control and I go a little wild. Sometimes, I  follow a philosophy of “Don’t think, just shoot.” This type of photography is typical of an artistic type of photography known as Lomography. Most of the time, using this philosophy gives me quite beautiful but very unusual, and in the end, for one reason or another, unusable shots.   However, I enjoy taking pictures this way due to the sheer artistic nature of the technique.

Taken through a specific type of Russian camera, Lomography is a film photograph. Sometimes  blurs, light leaks, and other imperfections caused by the camera occur that represent this style. Other significant indicators of this style are the use of high contrast cross processing. Cross processing is the technique of using the wrong chemical solution to process a film than what the film normally requires. An artistic picture magically appears full of saturated colors and unnatural representations of color.

Pine Cones
Pine Cones

Pine Cones is an example of faux Lomography. I shoot and process my work in digital RAW.   So, obviously when I add the techniques of cross processing and vignettes to the work, I’m doing so from a computer and not a dark room. Just like a darkroom specialist applying the wrong solution on purpose, I’m applying the wrong digital filters, and in the final result no one really knows what result will occur.   Therefore, you may have to reprocess the picture several times to get the effect that you are looking for.  Or, as is more than likely the case, the picture does not make the final cut and ends up in the digital trashcan.

It’s a laborious process for sure, but one I think people can agree ends up with a final work of art that captures it’s subject in a way that no other type of photography can.


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