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Warm Rocks and Cold Stares

Walking along a lush tropical garden path we often find ourselves in the company of Warm Rocks and Cold Stares.  This particular sunny morning we were not disappointed.

The warm Floridian sun had just begun to shine its way through tall trees into the lush green underbrush below.  As pockets of the sunlight lit up this hidden dark world you could see life start to move again signifying the beginning of a new day.

This brown anole lizard has discovered the perfect spot to start warming her chilled and sluggish reptilian blood.  The round white water worn stone provides the perfect location for her to warm herself to begin the day’s hunting.

Normally, these lizards will eat just about anything Warm Rocks and Cold Staresthey can fit in their mouths.  She will undoubtably go on to find a smorgasbord of mealworms, spiders, crickets, and anything other insect she can find.  Anole lizards are also known to eat the young of other lizard species and strangely enough, they will even eat their own previously shed skin.

Life is not perfect for her though, she has to wary of a number of natural predators that would happily make her a mid morning snack.  Snakes, larger lizards, and even birds would not think twice of devouring her.

To protect herself from these hungry predators, she has a series of defenses to rely on.  Her first line of defense is to use her camouflaged body to try to remain unseen.  The second defense is her unique ability to lose her tail.

This species of lizard are able to detach their tails at will.  The detached tail will continue to wiggle and move hopefully causing the predator to pay attention to it while she escapes.  Her tail will grow back eventually, however it may never reach the same length, as it’s original.

We know that this particular lizard looking at us inquisitively is a female due to the diamond-shaped colored markings running the length of her back.  While the males also have a discretionary multicolored pattern on their backs, the patterns tend to be one of spots and not actual lines.

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