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Using Filters to Create Art from a Simple Photograph.

This dramatic walkway through a dense palm forest looks as if it is a pencil sketch.   Much to the surprise of some, I did not use the pencil sketch filter in Photoshop to create it.   Instead,  this photograph is a result of high definition processing, black cherry colored red filters and the liberal addition of both abstraction blurriness and heavy vignettes.

This work started out as something different. Originally, I desired to take several photographs of palm trees. Walking through parks in the state of Florida one would almost naturally suspect that palm trees would be both abundant and easily photographed.   Realistically, only half that equation works out.

Finding palm tress in Florida is like finding a mosquito in a swamp.  They are everywhere. There are thousands of styles and varieties, yet to this day, I have found only a handful worthy of the effort involved in lifting camera to eye.   The difficulty is not their shape or size, no, rather their blandness. Palms are just not very colorful in their own right. You have either a dark brown with green foliage or a long trunk of sandy grey.

So, when I partook of the adventure to capture a cluster of palms for my next piece, I was ever the optimist hoping that today would be the day that I could capture that elusive photogenic palm.

Walk Among the Palms
Walk Among the Palms

The scene itself had all the particulars I look for.  It had the palms, of course, a nice sidewalk style walkway and plenty of atmosphere.   However, when started the process of selecting works for further enhancement, I was markedly disappointed by the original results.   It was too brown, too exposed, and the natural lines in the photograph created by the trees were all wrong, at least for me.   Still, I had that hidden impression that this shot was worth something. There was an unexplainable artistic feeling I had about it.

That is when my muse hit.   That magical feeling of “what if I do this over here?” started to guide my senses and my hands. I started attacking the problems with filters, until I found the hidden picture within the picture.  When you use filters in the production phase of your art work you invariably end up painting with light a great deal.  A nip here and a tuck there, along with darkening a particular tree while enhancing another gives you varied results until finally your mind settles on the answer you were looking for.

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Exciting News from Florida

It’s great to announce that things are really moving forward for our gallery in Florida.   While A&A Photographic Arts has been a popular destination for the online art gallery aficionado, 3,450 social media followers alone can’t be wrong, and we have also spent the past year really expanding our place in the physical world.

Our Texas locations are still going strong.   We are still showing our works in both the Richardson and Addison Café Brazils located near North Dallas and we have plans to expand to other locations soon.

In March we announced our presence to the Florida art world by taking part in a month-long art show presented by Sun Gulf Art Gallery in New Port Richey.   We also recently became associated with the Tarpon Springs Art Association.   This organization is a very strong group of local artists who are forward thinking enough to see photographic art has as a new and upcoming fine art form.   We are always excited to be associated with organizations such as this.

Other real exciting news is our new expansion into Dunedin, Florida. The owners at Downtown Dunedin Deli & Grill have let us display and offer our art for purchase in the front of their restaurant. Dunedin is one of the prime locations around the Clearwater area for  fine art. There is a thriving artist community in the city and to present our art for the patrons of the popular downtown area is truly inspiring.

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More Art to Even More People in Tampa Bay!

Now for some intriguing news! We are currently looking to expand! Up to this point, my gallery, A&A Photographic Arts, has always provided artistic consulting and full access to my artwork worldwide via the Internet and locally in Dallas, Texas.

This will not change. My art is still actively displayed at the Addison and Richardson locations of Café Brazil around the DFW metroplex.   Sales of my signed works have recently only become stronger and those unique collections will still be actively monitored and changed frequently as sales continue to mount and fresh art is made.

We are currently looking at the addition of artistic consulting, including my personally signed works throughout the Tampa Bay area in Florida. This is a wide area of the Suncoast from New Port Richey all the way to Sarasota and beyond.

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with the great artistic minds of both art collectors and artists in these areas. This tropical location is perfect for the artistically minded and art lover alike and is well known for their support of the arts.

So, grab one of those drinks with an umbrella in it because we are coming to Florida! While this is happening, consider signing up for our Friends of A&A Photographic Arts program. It will keep you updated when we make future announcements and blog posts.  Sign up to be a friend of A&A Photographic Arts today!


Warm Rocks and Cold Stares

Walking along a lush tropical garden path we often find ourselves in the company of Warm Rocks and Cold Stares.  This particular sunny morning we were not disappointed.

The warm Floridian sun had just begun to shine its way through tall trees into the lush green underbrush below.  As pockets of the sunlight lit up this hidden dark world you could see life start to move again signifying the beginning of a new day.

This brown anole lizard has discovered the perfect spot to start warming her chilled and sluggish reptilian blood.  The round white water worn stone provides the perfect location for her to warm herself to begin the day’s hunting.

Normally, these lizards will eat just about anything Warm Rocks and Cold Staresthey can fit in their mouths.  She will undoubtably go on to find a smorgasbord of mealworms, spiders, crickets, and anything other insect she can find.  Anole lizards are also known to eat the young of other lizard species and strangely enough, they will even eat their own previously shed skin.

Life is not perfect for her though, she has to wary of a number of natural predators that would happily make her a mid morning snack.  Snakes, larger lizards, and even birds would not think twice of devouring her.

To protect herself from these hungry predators, she has a series of defenses to rely on.  Her first line of defense is to use her camouflaged body to try to remain unseen.  The second defense is her unique ability to lose her tail.

This species of lizard are able to detach their tails at will.  The detached tail will continue to wiggle and move hopefully causing the predator to pay attention to it while she escapes.  Her tail will grow back eventually, however it may never reach the same length, as it’s original.

We know that this particular lizard looking at us inquisitively is a female due to the diamond-shaped colored markings running the length of her back.  While the males also have a discretionary multicolored pattern on their backs, the patterns tend to be one of spots and not actual lines.

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