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Are You Missing Out?

Did you know that today I sent out a pre-release email of our next hit work of art just in time for Christmas?   No?

Well, that’s because our Friends can see our newest works of art, when they are not released to the public yet.

Here is a hint.  –  It presents the primordial dance between sterile whites, subtle grays and powerful blacks. There is no greater duality than that of untainted black against the pure white.  Curious?

Our holiday orders are up 200% over last year, that means that our Friends have the best chance of ordering that perfect gift. Why let them have all the glory?   You can become a Friend also.  It’s easy and we don’t spam or sell your information.


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New Facebook Shopping App Available. Check it out!

Great news Facebook friends and fans!  The Shopping App on our Facebook page is now better than ever.  You can now browse through all of our images and purchase them as framed prints, canvas prints, metal prints, and even acrylic.   All without ever leaving Facebook!

The new app works with  multiple currencies, including: US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Australian Dollars, and the Japanese Yen.

There is an improved search engine to allow you to search through our images based on keywords, titles, colors, sizes, orientation, and galleries.
The app will display perfectly on iPhones, Android phones, and tablets.
The checkout process occurs within Facebook. You never actually leave Facebook at any time. Try it and see for yourself our newest level of awesome.
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What’s the Facebook Copyright Notice Hoax?

With the sun slowly rising in the east to start a new day, this lonely booth is waiting for the typical daily beach crowd to come and rent their water toys. This shot reminds me of being on vacation, and part of the fun of vacation is being able to post pictures on Facebook to rub my friends nose… err, I mean share my experiences with them.

Truthfully, I have a lot of friends who post all sorts of pictures to Facebook. Usually, these shots are of a sentimental nature and not a financial one. Most typical vacation or family shots have absolutely no monetary value outside a close group of family and friends. Uncle George losing his dentures eating corn on the cob at the family picnic makes great family gossip, but there is little to any danger that it will sell at an art function.

However, about every 6 months or so I receive a new email from those friends warning me to put up a copyright notification letter on my Facebook page to protect myself from the corporate giant stealing my photos. My friends do mean well and I’m thrilled they think of my art and me when they see this letter, but they needn’t worry.   The letter reads:

“Due to the fact that Facebook has chosen to involve software that will allow the theft of my personal information, I state: at this date of November 27, 2014, in response to the new guidelines of Facebook, pursuant to articles L.111, 112 and 113 of the code of intellectual property, I declare that my rights are attached to all my personal data drawings, paintings, photos, video, texts etc.... published on my profile and my page. For commercial use of the foregoing my written consent is required at all times. 
 Those who read this text can do a copy/paste on their Facebook wall. This will allow them to place themselves under the protection of copyright. By this statement, I tell Facebook that it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, broadcast, or take any other action against me on the basis of this profile and or its content. The actions mentioned above also apply to employees, students, agents and or other personnel under the direction of Facebook. 
 The content of my profile contains private information. The violation of my privacy is punishable by law (UCC 1-308 1-308 1-103 and the Rome Statute).
 Facebook is now an open capital entity. All members are invited to publish a notice of this kind, or if they prefer, you can copy and paste this version.
 If you have not published this statement at least once, you tacitly allow the use of elements such as your photos as well as the information contained in the profile update.”

That letter they are finding in their email box and sending my way, with good intentions, is merely a chain letter. if you were to follow those instructions nothing would happen.  Facebook can and will simply ignore it if they want to. You see, by using your account on Facebook, you’ve already legally permitted them to use any data you supply them. That’s right, you already gave them permission because of their terms of service.

No fear though, by copyright laws you still own the pictures. However, you automatically allow Facebook to use those pictures for free simply because you posted them on Facebook. How could they use them? Well, Facebook could look at Uncle George in the picture and decide to sell information to the dentures paste manufactures, dentures companies, or even dentists.   They also might be used in an ad campaign for Facebook featuring cobs of corn and broken dentures, but I seriously doubt it.

So why on earth would I, as an art business, bother posting my pictures to Facebook if they could use them without paying me anything?   Visit our post next Monday and I’ll let you in on a few tips.

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Yellow Bird: Portrait Of A Curious Cockatiel

I recently visited a bird aviary where they housed a wonderful choice of small parakeets, cockatiels, and various lovebirds.   The enclosure was large enough for a small walking path to make a nice circle around some low-lying branches and trees that the park had put in place so the birds could be seen up close.

This female cockatiel broke away from her little group on a nearby low branch to check me out. She seemed a little more than passively curious about my camera. I’m thinking she may have seen her reflection in the lens and thought I was another bird to come and say hello.Yellow Bird

In any case, I learned that the common grey male cockatiels are almost all grey, and only the females seem to sport about in colored splendor. The crest on the back of her head acts almost like a mood ring of sorts. Owners of these splendid birds will tell you that when the crest is vertical they are either excited or curious.

It’s when that crest goes flat against the head that you should begin to worry about that sharp little beak. I’m told this will only happen when they feel threatened. The most common cause is either having a child trying to pet them on their head, or another aggressive bird nearby will cause some problems.

Generally, the most unfortunate aspect of this bird variety is the noise they produce.  While they are nowhere near as loud as a full-sized parrot, they don’t seem to come with a mute button.

But when it comes to portraits, these little beauties see to love the attention.  Once my little friend finished her close up, she flew off back to her small group with little effort.  I don’t know if I satisfied her brief curiosity, but she certainly left a happy portrait.

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The Yellow Rose: A Friend of a Friend

A yellow rose is a very elegant gesture. As we know, contain a lot of symbolism have meaning according to their color. While earlier blog entries discussed this at leisure, the issue is that the colors of roses have more than one possible interpretation.

Let’s say you have a co-worker that, for lack of better wording, saved your job at the last staff meeting. Maybe this coworker took one for the team, or preformed an all night work session when everyone else abandoned the project. Regardless, this person deserves a little recognition.

Symbolism is important at this point. The problem is Yellow Rosethat this friend is a member of the opposite sex. Maybe a flower would be a nice touch. Oh, and yes, guys like getting flowers.   You want to convey your heartfelt friendship in a meaningful gesture but at the same time not send the kind of signals that would endear you to the office tabloid gossip makers for a month.

Red roses are most definitely out of the question. Even something like a pink rose is still a little too familiar and might seem romantic for this situation. A white rose is something you’d think of at a wedding, not a serious thanks for being a friend type event. The problem is a difficult one.

I draw your attention to the yellow rose. Yellow roses mean friendship. They’re considered a sign of happiness and thanks.   It’s the perfect answer to this thorny problem.

You manage to thank your friend in a proper and non-romantic way all the while maintaining the proper symbolism that what they did for you was an important event. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

Of course, the advantage to my yellow rose above is that as a work of art, it will never die. It’s the perfect statement of friendship to hang in an office or at home.

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