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The Reconsideration of Older Art Works of an Artist

It is time to spend a brief post about something we found in the storage closet. Why are we doing this?   Well, We introduced this art work back when there were less than 200 followers of our art on social media and this blog.   Now there are over 3300!  That’s a lot of people who never got to experience our earlier works!


Since the lifeblood of a gallery is the ability to present the work of the artist they represent it is necessary to cleverly reintroduce older works of an artist in with newer ones.   Besides, and I know this to be quite true, very few people will look at 150 pieces of art all at the same time.   So, as an artist’s list of works continue to grow it is necessary to reintroduce older ones to present how the artist has also changed over time.


So from our finely aged collection of photographic art, I’d like to once again present Blanket of Green.

Blanket of Green
Blanket of Green

You can discover it and other collectibles here.


This work is a close up shot of the rigid back top of a banana leaf. Hundreds of black lines cascading down the leaf highlight the natural yellows and greens found in nature. They also provide a sense of depth and contrast as the lines of the leaves at the upper left seemingly flow in a direction quite different from the bold bark shade lines of the leaf on the right edges of the photograph.

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Girders : Man vs Nature

The third installment from our recent visit to the Greenhill School campus is the work “Girders”. As the construction on campus of the new fine art building continued, there was a brief opportunity to see the skeletal insides of the towering building. I wanted to capture this moment before they installed the walls and fleshed out this monstrosity of campus expansion.

What I discovered was a series of right angles and geometric shapes as the girders of the red steel frame stood against the sky. The day was cloudy with low rumbling storm like clouds that spoke of rain. As these billows of dark nature swirled past the girders it created a strange otherworldly ambience.

Upon reflection of what I was seeing, I decided that a heavy red and green tinted filter was just the thing to bring the ominous feelings of the clouds to the viewer’s attention.


The red in the girders only became a deeper hue and a strange idea of the basic conflict of nature vs. man became prevalent to the picture’s theme. The girders representing the indomitable will of man to build, while his hubris produces an angry response from nature. All is in place to remind man though the building may continue, the victory is false for in the end nature and the ravages of time will eventually overcome.

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Are Certain Simple Signs Art?

The bright glaring sign stood posted oblivious to my meanderings and happily screamed “watch your step” to

Cool, but is it art?

any passerby.  Slightly amused by the audacity this little sign seemed to regard for my well-being,  I mentally paused for a moment to take in my surroundings and discover who or what had caused the reasoning that the little bright red sign to become placed there.

After taking note of the danger, mainly a severe drop of the pathway that could cause a person to trip, I wondered if signs are art.

Now at first glance you may exclaim the silliness of the notion that a simple warning sign is art.   But, it is a good question.  Warning signs follow the same code of communication that distinguishes art as art.

Sunrise Stop Sign
No cop, no stop?

The warning sign has color, texture, and form. It also fulfills an artistic function, a devilishly demanding detail that states it’s very existence and placement must have an expressive and emotional meaning to it.  Further, the way or conditions in which that a person displays the sign will influence the feelings or emotions you have.

Signs having emotional ties to the viewer?  Sure.  A piece of art makes you think about a subject and ties an emotional response to it.  Even if you have no response, that in itself is a response.

Think about the feelings you get when you see yield sign off a highway.  Do you panic a little?  What if they won’t yield?  The sign says that I have the right of way, but is anybody slowing down?

What about a stop sign when you are late for an appointment?  Do you feel frustrated?  Angry?  Do you look around to see if there is anyone there to catch you if you speed right through it?  Would you feel guilt or “no cop no stop”?

Baggage Sign
Now where did they put my suitcase?

The sign is the precursor to your reaction.  It causes what you will say, think, feel, or do next.  The important thing to remember is that the sign can’t actually say anything.  It’s a sign.  It’s the communication of the meaning of sign to you that makes it take that final leap from a piece of wood with writing on it to a work of art.

So, look around the room you are in.  How much art do you see?  Do you think a sign is art?  Could it be?

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Consider Going Green With Blankets of Green

Today’s photographic artwork is a contemporary piece titled Blankets of Green.  This work is the result of a close up shot of the ridge top of a tropical leaf.  As you might guess it’s all about the color green!

On that particular day, I started looking for a close Blankets of Greenshot that represented a particular color, in this case green, but still provided a sense of texture.  The day was partly cloudy and I would have simply walked past this plant without a thought .  Nothing on it really held my interest until the sun came out from behind a cloud and the sunlight weakly bounced thru the various shade trees around me to light upon some of the plant’s broad leafs.

When I saw weak sunlight had managed to highlight the yellowish fibers in the plant leaf, I knew I had my shot.

The fibrous veins of this leaf look like they were literally draped over a rigid branch running the length of the large leaf.  The plant is a rather brilliant natural design.  The plant’s leafs are as long and broad as possible for the plant to be able to support without breaking.  These leaves grow to this size to catch as much of the tropical sun as possible.

These plant leafs contain  tough fibrous strands that are resistant to tearing and stabilizes the weight of the leaf while providing the natural strength to stand up against tropical rain and winds.

Other captivating features include the hundreds of black lines these natural fibers give the leaf as they follow along the plant’s physical ridges and highlight the natural yellows and greens found in the picture.  They also give a sense of depth and contrast as the lines of the leaves at the upper left seemingly flow in a direction quite different from the bold dark shade lines of the leaf on the right edges of the photograph.

It’s fitting that this very green picture be shown and posted to the world on St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy!

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View A Stone Wall of Silent Warning

I am a wall of Silent Warning.  My name is Pakil Yol and I became part of this stone wall centuries ago.  I’ve seen the rise of empires and the fall of many men who would be kings.  I’ve witnessed man’s brutality and his capacity for devotion to the gods.

I was there as the ugly bearded invaders sent by the great-feathered serpent-god Kukulkan arrived on our shores and pillaged our nations for their material lusts of gold and land.  The destruction brought by these bearded ones almost destroyed my tribe with war, plague and forced conversions.

Silent Warnings
O my people, where have you gone?

Not that these things were not familiar to us.  We Maya were experts of war and  used our enemies subjugation for slaves or the rare sacrifice when the gods became angry as the need arose.

But, nothing though could ever prepare us for the coming onslaught and the relentless forced abandonment of our most holy gods all in the name of the impaled god of the bearded invaders.

I, however, continued to fulfill the purpose that the shamans of ancient days had created me for.  I advised our shamans and our priests of our proper celestial lords disposition and how best to get their fleeting favor.  I would warn of a god’s displeasure, and the proper sacrifice to restore the balance.  Indeed I was given the power of prophecy for feast or famine.

In order to conjure my responses the priests or shamans merely had to say my name.  But alas, I have not heard a priest of the old ways for many centuries now.    Instead, I sit in the jungle slowly being weathered into the nothingness from which I came.  No one comes for my prophecy any longer.  No one is here to hear my cries of the displeasure of the old gods.  Now I just stay with my Silent Warning.

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