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What Does a Pink Rose Mean?

There are few flowers with the mystical emotional power of the rose. Indeed roses, particularly red, are  the hallmarks of love. The demand and the price for these flowers fluctuate depending upon the time of year.

The most popular holiday is of course Valentines Day. However, Valentines Day also owns the dubious honor in which the most price gouging for these gorgeous colorful flowers occur.

Magically, a dozen roses can cost a person about $20 Morning Rosefor a dozen or so.   Yet that same dozen costs over $70 for the week of Valentines.

Yet the rest of the year these flowers continue to keep up certain meanings and gestures to the people you give them to.

For instance, the pink rose does represent love, but it has other meanings as well. A light-colored pink rose represents grace, elegance and lighthearted romance.

Darker colored pink roses are also used as a symbol of gratitude, appreciation, thanks, and even sympathy.

Since the pink rose is so versatile in it’s meaning it is given equally to friends, fiancée, or as a thank you to a fellow person a work for doing something for you.

Of course the best part of a photographic rose is that it you won’t have to water it, it takes up almost no space, and it will never die. That’s a wining combination all around.

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Consider Going Green With Blankets of Green

Today’s photographic artwork is a contemporary piece titled Blankets of Green.  This work is the result of a close up shot of the ridge top of a tropical leaf.  As you might guess it’s all about the color green!

On that particular day, I started looking for a close Blankets of Greenshot that represented a particular color, in this case green, but still provided a sense of texture.  The day was partly cloudy and I would have simply walked past this plant without a thought .  Nothing on it really held my interest until the sun came out from behind a cloud and the sunlight weakly bounced thru the various shade trees around me to light upon some of the plant’s broad leafs.

When I saw weak sunlight had managed to highlight the yellowish fibers in the plant leaf, I knew I had my shot.

The fibrous veins of this leaf look like they were literally draped over a rigid branch running the length of the large leaf.  The plant is a rather brilliant natural design.  The plant’s leafs are as long and broad as possible for the plant to be able to support without breaking.  These leaves grow to this size to catch as much of the tropical sun as possible.

These plant leafs contain  tough fibrous strands that are resistant to tearing and stabilizes the weight of the leaf while providing the natural strength to stand up against tropical rain and winds.

Other captivating features include the hundreds of black lines these natural fibers give the leaf as they follow along the plant’s physical ridges and highlight the natural yellows and greens found in the picture.  They also give a sense of depth and contrast as the lines of the leaves at the upper left seemingly flow in a direction quite different from the bold dark shade lines of the leaf on the right edges of the photograph.

It’s fitting that this very green picture be shown and posted to the world on St. Patrick’s Day.  Enjoy!

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Merry Christmas with Archie the Bulldog


The Christmas Holiday begins tomorrow.  It’s a usual hectic and down right exhausting time for most of us.  So relax, take another sip of spiked egg nog and enjoy the holiday!

His grace the most dignified Archie the Bulldog and the A&A Photographic Arts family wishes everyone a Happy Holiday!

By the way, the antlers are on backwards because Archie wanted it that way.  One doesn’t wisely argue with a 50 lb. bowling ball with teeth.

Merry Christmas!  Buon Natale!

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Holiday Sale!


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A Halloween Wish


Steaming out of the past is Engine 300 from the Texas State Railroad.  I wonder how many ghosts still ride those rails?   It is Halloween after all.  Who knows?  More passengers might board every weekend than the conductor can see.  So, ride the rails in Palestine Texas, just make sure you offer some popcorn from the concession car to the “stranger” sitting beside you.

Halloween is one of the strangest holidays.  People like to get scared on purpose.  They dress in all types of costumes and seek adventures pretending to be someone or something they are not.  It’s a time of parties, like masquerades, where being anonymous and masked is not unusual.  But, it’s a time when being popular for the best costume is also a thrill.  People also travel great distances to get lost in spooky maize fields cut into labyrinths or go for a harmless scare at commercial “haunted houses”.

Indeed, this holiday has a long and storied past. Scholars believe it is from an autumn festival held by the druids in Celtic Europe before the times of the Catholic Church.  In fact, that’s when the colors orange and black became associated with Halloween.  The early, non-filtered honey wax candles the druids used during their celebrations for the dead where naturally colored in an orange hue.   Further, the ancient druids and Celts associated black with death.  So, both colors have lasted into modern-day and seen every year in decorations and holiday revelry.

Since that time it’s experienced several attempts at assimilation in the Christian faith as All Saints Eve or All Saints Day but never to the level as other holidays like Christmas.  It’s also seen periods of persecution as “devil worship” and even periods of huge popularity in its past.  Today, it revels as a fun holiday with large elements borrowing from other cultures.

For instance, Latino culture in the United States will often combine some of the rituals of American Halloween customs like “trick or treating”, with the family parties and celebrations of loved ones from the Día de Muertos holiday in Mexico.

So, we at A&A photographic Arts want to take the time to wish you and your family a Happy Halloween, Día de Muertos, or All Saints Eve/Day.  Whatever your culture or nationality, have fun and celebrate the living and the dead!

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