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The Serene Blue Screen of Death

Serene Blue is an example of how color in a work of art can set up a particular mood.  Blue is such a calming color to begin with.  But light glowing ethereal blues surrounded by dark deep blacks and greys offer a quiet almost serene emotion.  When you discover a jellyfish on the beach after a violent thunderstorm, you see a clear jelly like substance from which the jellyfish gets its name.  They are not however the blue shade you see in the photograph.


A low-level blue light hung just at the surface of the water obtains the Serene Blue light seen in the photograph.  The deep blue light gives it a calming and satisfying blue hue with a deep black background.


The miracle of the seductive jellyfish is found in its strange undulation motion that allows the animal to swim with the current.  This is provides a delightfully calming effect when combined with the wondrous dark waters and beautifies this humble killer of the dark.


Looking closely at the sides of the jellyfish you notice the floating remains of fish scales and tiny bits of its last meal floating towards the murky depths waiting hungrily below.  In an aquatic environment the jellyfish is a majestic animal floating and swimming trying to satisfy its hunger for its next meal.


That is exactly the point.  Nature is about enchantment and imagination when it comes to some of its most prolific and yet simple predators.  The jellyfish is yet another holistic example of how arousing beauty and enthralling motion can captivate our eye and yet belong to a voracious deadly hunter of the dark.  Is it not interesting how beauty and hypnotic charm in nature so often results in a painful death?


For make no mistake, the jellyfish is dangerous.  The hanging long tentacles sway in the current and rhythmic motion of the jellyfish.  Thus providing a blue screen of death to small prey.


For us, the good news for us is that this happy jellyfish would not be capable of putting enough toxins in our body to kill us.  That provides very little comfort to the voracious painful stings that it is capable of giving or, for that matter, the flagrant impartialness  it shows when it delivers those stings.

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