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Dodge #2: Graveyard or Resurrection?

Dodge #2 is the second in a series of photographs depicting dodge trucks taken in an old junk yard behind a shopping center.  The shot of this 1951 Dodge pick up truck  from the driver’s side looks out on the open field and majestic mountains in the background.

I chose black and white as the medium to showcase the lingering demise of this workhorse of yesteryear.  The black and white tones really punctuate the shadows and shades of deterioration found on the truck.  It also enhances the grass and the misty mountains in the background.

The sun was high on the eastern horizon in the mid-morning hours and provided a dangerous amount of harsh direct lighting to highlight this scene.   I used a polarized lens to diffuse some of the glare and give the deep shadows necessary to offer up the contrasts that make this picture decry the desolation I wanted the viewer to feel.

Desolation was a main theme. I wanted to portray the loneliness of this truck against the flat opened fields of grass. The feeling of abandonment after years of dedicated service to some farmer’s cause is quite real. Who knows how this truck spent it’s last minutes of useful life.  Did the farmer sell the truck to the junkyard for a couple bucks? Or, did the pickup truck gasp its last breath on some forlorn highway in the high desert only to be towed to its final resting spot? Never to be repaired or operated again.

Another answer that may never be known is the load Dodge #2in the bed of the pickup truck. Was it there on that last day? Or perhaps some long forgotten workman, cutting the grass and tending to the weeded overgrowth of the fields put those items in the truck so that the mowers could work smoothly.

So, this image remains a mystery and a last question is easily brought to mind. If we humans consider the life of a machine by its usefulness or job  performance, then is this truck really dead?   Could not the spirit of this isolated and weathered hulk live on by being of service to the very men who put it there? It’s new job being the keeping of the lawnmowers and customers safe from the items still in its disintegrating truck bed.

Has the spirit of duty been resurrected for this truck? Or, has its fall from usefulness claimed this truck to lie in its junkyard graveyard forever?   What do you think?

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Can You Interchange Lenses?

There is a new question on whether camera lenses are interchangeable to other cameras?

The answer is a definite maybe. It depends on your camera and on the lenses you want to interchange. My opinion is that the older the lens or the camera the more likely that technology has passed you by and you are facing a planned obsolescence of one form or another.  This can even occur in the same brand let alone from one brand to another. Even so, you will most likely have a buy an adapter.

Why would a person do this?  Well, camera lenses and marriages are expensive.  “Honey, I need to buy a new DSLR and a $5,000 lens because the old one doesn’t work anymore.” is not good for your wallet or your spousal relations.   Plop a couple thousand dollars down for a camera lens and I guarantee you will want that lens to last and last and the good news is that they do.  The problem is they can last longer than the camera.

Your best shot is to Google the make of your camera.  A fair warning, There is no chart that I was able to find that covers all the possibilities even among a single brand.   Some helpful sites I was to find include:





Pros of an adapter

  • When camera lenses you own are very expensive, and very high quality.
  • When you don’t have the money to spend on a full set of new lenses.

Cons of the adapters.

  • The camera lenses you own are cheap.
  • The adapters may not give good optics.
  • They are very expensive $60 to $5000+
  • The available adapters may not fit correctly on either camera body or the lens.
  • You may lose the ability to auto-focus.
  • The sensor size in your new digital camera may not offer the same results with a lens from the age of film.

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