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Now This Is A Real Texas Longhorn

Most of the time when I take pictures of cattle, they show concern or, at the least, concern about my presence.  They look at intensively with their ears cocked forward wondering what I’m going to do next.  Not this Longhorn.  This darling of a Texas ranch really did not care about me at all.   That was an attitude I could really appreciate.

Of course who could blame him?  Weighing in at around 1200 pounds and standing 4 or 5 feet tall at the shoulder this big boy does what he wants when he wants.

That description doesn’t even include the huge rack of horns on his head. Those horns can reach lengths of 80 inches or close to 2 meters across. They are the signature item of this breed of cattle. The Texas longhorn is a true creature of beauty.


Once again I found a perfect use for the white vignette on the border of this work. It enhances the details of the steer and yet dramatizes the lush green grass around him. The trick to this work was getting the white of his hide to not be a pure white. There are touches of brown and black in his coat and I did not want to lose those shades.

I’ve seen longhorn with different markings and colorings before, but this is the first opportunity I enjoyed with one of these magnificent animals this close. The white and black in his hide and the brown nose come together to form indelible impressions of what Texas ranching is all about.

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