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Buoy 5 is Not Where It’s Supposed to Be

Buoy 5 is a the result of a strange sight that greeted us during a morning walk on a storm-beaten beach. The thunderous storms and swelling waves produced an eerie calm on that beach the next morning.   It is the best moment to comb the beach for flotsam and any new shiny shells washed up in the turbulent waters.

There are all sorts of strange things to find on a beach after storms. The waves pond the shore and when there is a high tide during the downpour of wind and rain it only increases the currents and leaves all kinds of exciting treasures to find.

Naturally, our surprise was enormous when we found this navigation buoy just sitting on its side. I can only guess the power the current would need to rip one of these things from its mooring. In fact you can see the rest of the mooring structure and cable at the bottom of the buoy itself.

Honestly, the entire event reminded me of stories I heard about beaches in WWII.   The British Army had a special group of people designated to watch and comb the mud flats and beaches every morning looking for lost sea mines and other wreckage.Buoy 5

Fortunately, the navigation buoy was the most exciting thing to occur that morning. We did find a number of very nice shells, some shark teeth, about 20 dead mangled jellyfish, and even 2 dead parrotfish. But by far the capture of the morning was Buoy 5. After all does anyone really want a picture of a dead smelly parrotfish?

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3 Suggestions On Creating a Beach Theme Bedroom

It’s been a very long and stressful day and like the beach huts in our photograph you are Waiting for Vacation.  This photograph simply screams relaxation, beach chairs, fish dinners and cold drinks.   There they sit, waiting patiently for the return of the summer crowd.

If only you could have that sound of the ocean and the feel of sand between the toes you might be able to handle tomorrow.  Unfortunately, your vacation still lies weeks or even months away.  Unless…

Why not make your bedroom your own little vacation sanctuary?  A few dabs of paint, flowers, and a throw pillow or two will get the job done.  I’ve listed for your convenience some of the basic items to think about before spending a fortune.

If you are the DIY type, then by all means think about your favorite beach, create a plan and start straight away.  If, however, you worry about your color matching ability or just don’t have the time or knowledge to do the job proper, I’d suggest investigating a local interior decorator to help.

Thinking about making your bedroom a personal beach experience?  Here’s how to start:

  1. Color.  No beach inspired room is complete without the proper colors.  The danger here is to go overboard with your favorite color.  While it’s possible that you want to paint the walls in a wonderful shade of sea-foam, I’d suggest pausing and imagining what an entire room full of a particular color will look like.  One trick is to take the free paint swabs at the home improvement stores and tack them to your wall.  After a couple of days, it is possible to remove the ones you don’t like and decide on the color you do.

As for the beach, think in shades of blues, greens, reds,

Waiting for Vacation
This photograph simply screams relaxation, beach chairs, fish dinners and cold drinks.

and white.  Those are the most common colors with a nautical theme and exist in varying shades on beaches.

  1. Furniture.  When you are looking for beach inspired furniture it is very important to envision the kind of beach you are using for inspiration.  For instance, if your beach of inspiration is tropical, you use furniture made of tropical materials like bamboo, pine or teak woods, and even wicker.  Other beaches, such as the beaches of New England or the Pacific Northwest inspire the use of different woods including oak and cedar.
  1. Accessories.   Items that remind a person of a beach are an absolute necessity.  The proper accessory will make or break the relaxing image you are trying to portray.  Items that help tie the beach themed colors and your new furniture will include:

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Challenges Of A Stormy Morning

That Stormy Morning was a challenge.  The ever-ominous thunderstorms continued to beat our unfortunately brief excursion to the Gulf of Mexico relentlessly.  The responsible storm system of low-pressure sat about 20 miles off the coast and just refused to move.  So, as it sat over the warm waters of the Gulf spinning contentedly, it continued to send wave after wave of tropical moisture and monsoon rains our way.


Over 3 days it rained over 9 inches.  Every path and wildlife trail near our location flooded under the relentless deluge of water.  Even the street to the hotel flooded and the prospect of getting to go into town became dashed along with the hope of staying dry.

My major concern was what the rain would do to my equipment. I was not thrilled with the idea of losing my camera to take a picture of a wet seagull.  I soon realized that I really did not have a plan to protect the camera or lens from a massive deluge of rainwater.  Nothing quite like hindsight is there? I have already chalked that lesson up to experience.  Oh sure, a small sprinkle would not be a concern but a lasting bone soaking gutter drencher would be the end of my camera and a nice trip.

Ann, my lovely assistant, was more concerned with what the lighting was going to do than the rain.  One of the main difficulties walking on the beach during a thunderstorm is where to go when lightning strikes.  Lightning tends to strike the tallest thing in the local area of its strike and if you are walking in the surf, odds are very good that there are no trees around you.  This makes you the tallest thing.  That particular situation has all the essential ingredients for a very bad day.

By the time there was a break in the action, the determination to go walking on the beach was as strong as ever.  We could see the beach, hear the surf, and even smell the salty air, but due to the relentless thunderstorms if was not safe.

So, when a rain break occurred out we girded up bathing suits, grabbed a hat and ventured to see what the beach and storm provided us with.

It was at this time that my lovely assistant pointed out that the skies were still ominous looking and that we shouldn’t go far.  Nodding agreement, we trekked through the wet sand by a small dune and saw the sight that led to Stormy Morning.

Of course, a mere 10 minutes later we became drenched to the skin.  I had placed my camera in my ball cap and was hunching over it like Quasimodo trying to protect it from the rain.  As I mentioned earlier,  a valuable lesson learned.

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