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No Camera? A Very Strange Missed Opportunity

As many of my readers know, I always try to include a post now and then about other arts for the sake of variety. Especially when it presents a situation that leaves you shaking your head in bewilderment.

This post has all the great qualifications for a great story.   It has soccer, dancing, and a fight at a nearby pub.  But it also tells why you should always have a camera with you.

In Rattlesden, England at the parking lot near the Brewer’s Arms pub a group of Morris Dancers, an English folk dance troupe, were performing some traditional dances when a local soccer club suddenly assaulted them.

Now, one may believe that this was a typical bar room brawl but for the reason. The cause of the consternation came from the bells that the Morris Dancers were wearing on their uniform. It seems that , by unfortunate coincidence, on the village green nearby a blind soccer team was happily playing a match using a special ball with; you guessed it, a bell so they could find the ball.

As luck would have it, the ball left the pitch towards the unsuspecting dancers and the soccer team followed at full speed. This is when the chaos ensued. The poor dancers suffered several bruised legs and one footballer had a head gash caused by a dancing stick.

According to the Suffolk Gazette, the fight only stopped when the referee caught up to the group and loudly blew the whistle. By the time the local authorities arrived, the fight had not only ended but everyone was sitting around drinking and laughing about it.

According to the Gazzete:

A Suffolk police spokesman said: “It was certainly an unusual call from one of the locals in the pub. By the time we got there it had all calmed down, and both sides realized how the mistake had been made.

“In fact they had made up and were all enjoying a drink together, although a couple were still being patched up by the landlord’s wife.

“We took no further action, but recommended that the morris men did not use bells on their uniforms when the blind footballers were playing nearby.”

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Alas, there were no photographers nearby that day. It’s true that it may not have resulted in very many useful photos of a politically correct nature.  But one has to admit that there is a certain level of deviant humor to be found in a guy dressed in a medieval dance costume wearing bells running away from a blind soccer player trying to kick what he believes is the ball.  I mean, you just can’t make these stories up and the visual imagery is just so.. artistic.

In any case, what lessons can the art world pick up from this tragic affair? First, always have your camera. Second, don’t wear bells near a blind soccer game, and third, they might not see, but a blind soccer team can still kick butt.

Here is a video of a Morris Dancing troupe.  Notice the bells on their leggings.

Have a great week.

The Most Overlooked Fact About Doctor Waiting Rooms Revealed

I’m sitting in a medical waiting room looking at a boring picture/photograph from 1974. It’s a nice scene of a sailboat with a lighthouse probably from Lake Michigan or something.  But it’s seriously faded and has that generic waiting room look. Boring.

On the other wall is a dated and very faded watercolor print of something that I’m sure looked like a plant at some point.  I saw a similar print one time in some

gamene on Flickr - PCH trip (modified by Gazebo with lossless optimization, the addition of comment and XMP-cc:License and sRGB color space metadata, and the removal of JPEG APP13 (Photoshop) and JPEG APP2 (ICC profile) metadata)
gamene on Flickr – CC commons

cheap hotel somewhere on the Gulf Coast.  It was the kind of hotel where they paint the walls to give everything that tropical touristy look. I confess it didn’t make the scrambled powdered eggs and chewy waffles taste any better.

I’m almost desperate now for some form of visual satisfaction as I scan the room for anything, any visual comfort other than the fact that some guy is hacking up his lungs and I know at least I’m not that sick. So, what do my weary eyes rest upon?  Why, it’s a fake bronze picture of an Indian Elephant complete with trunk, tusks, and an awful old patina.   You know the kind.  You find them in every asian buffet or greasy spoon noodle shop.  I can’t help but wonder why?…

Now, I don’t expect my doctor to have the latest prints off the wall from the National Gallery. I need a great doctor, not an interior decorator. That being said, 70’s New England, 80’s tropical and some unknown asian noodle shop elephant patina thingy.  Really?  This is decor?  This waiting room is on life support hooked up to that mysterious machine going  Bing…Bing… Bing…

I get it, why should a doctor spend money on art?  Honestly, it’s a simple matter of holistic care. Good art makes people feel good. It shows confidence and style. Old out-of-place art on your waiting room wall doesn’t tell people you’re a traditional experienced doctor that’s been in business successfully so long the art has faded. No, it says, your outdated and tired.  If your art is still displaying the decaying remains of some glory year past, what is that going to say about your practice?

It’s time to update the waiting room Doc. The first step is painless. Just sign up to follow our latest blog updates.

The second is pick a theme that inspires.  Follow that theme by adding  artwork that match your taste and budget.  If you want a classical look then look to Black and White prints in a nice frame.  If you are looking for more color and a more modern edge, going to the metal or acrylic prints is a wise strategy.  Whatever suites your needs best.

With a little investment, you will make a boring and depressing patient waiting room into a vibrant classy room that inspires your patients, and subconsciously tells them their physician is on the cutting edge.


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