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6 New Abstract Shots of Water


Water is a fun medium to shoot during the day but at night it is a real challenge.  While the camera focused on the surface of the water it wanted  to pick up the reflections in the water and try to focus on them instead.  I took these photographs strictly for artistic flair.  The challenge was to get the light reflection in the water the way I wanted it.

1.  The focus-  The auto-focus in the camera wanted to keep up focus on the image in the water and not the water itself.  I found that by switching to a manual focus or aiming slightly above my “target” on auto-focus gave me the best results.

2.  Depth of Field  -You want a deep depth of field.  Otherwise your colors will become blurred and out of focus in the water.  You also will not see the top of the water in a continuous way.  Now, this might be your preference and I did take shots that had this quality, however, I liked the ability to tell that water was the subject of the pictures.  It’s really a personal preference.

3.  Exposure-  I used long exposures starting at 1/2 to 3″ .  I had issues with the wind.  Sometimes the wind would pick up causing waves in the pond.  The longer the exposure, the more “out of focus” the picture became.  I also tried ISO’s from 200-800.  One thing was very clear.  Using a tripod is not an option.  I also found that using the timer on the camera allowed me to take the shot without touching the camera.  It was cool in the sense that with the ever-changing environment, I sometimes did not know if I had the setting right or not because I was not looking through the eyepiece at the time of the shot.

Overall, it was an exciting shoot.  I got to work with settings on my camera that I do not normally get to play with.  The thing to remember with night shots is that it may take some experimentation to find the right settings for your camera.  But then again,  that is the fun part of working a shoot.  When was the last time you got to play and take pictures in a creative and fun way?  Why not try your own night shoot?


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A Podcast Worth Watching


I listen and watch podcasts to give my brain with another way of learning about the latest trends and reviews in photography.  When I find a podcast that helps me view photography as an art I want to share it.    For this reason, I want to refer you to a photographer that runs a podcast worth listening to. The Art of Photography http://theartofphotography.tv/  is a podcast run by Ted Forbes.  He also provides some technical expertise when it comes to photography but that is not his main purpose in making the podcast.  I find his podcast worth watching and mentioning for two reasons.  Mr. Forbes has a great deal of passion and historical knowledge of his subject.


Mr. Forbes displays a passion for the art that draws the viewer past the technical and into the creative. He often discusses what it means being a photographer and how to become a better one.  Currently, the podcast is concentrating on a series of learning from the masters of painting and photography.  He selected some of the earlier master photographers and is showing how they copied the composition techniques of the great painting masters in art history.  It is a very well done and thought out series.


The second reason for watching is that he isn’t an actor.  The information he shares is coming from his knowledge of the subject and his love of sharing the art side of photography.  He is teaching, not preaching. I look forward to hearing his podcasts as they help me continue to learn some composition of art history and it’s relevance to the world of photography.


I guess this is the part where I say that I’ve never met Mr. Forbes.  However, as a photographic artist I find what he has to say interesting and worth watching.

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Do You Only Make One Print?


I came across this post on the Fashion Copious blog.  The author of the post claims that the reason photography has a hard time being considered a fine art is due to making multiple copies of our photographs.

I more and more believe that photographers who want to be taken seriously as fine artists should only produce a single production of a photo. The same way a painter only paints a single one off. This idea of producing multiple copies in editions is utter…” “ and the reason why art photography is perceived inferior to painting, sculpture, etc… Artist’s Proof is another marketing joke in the life of a photographer. No guts, no glory.”-   http://goo.gl/ctXTA .

Is it true?    Naturally, I have my own ideas.  But I’d like to hear from both the fellow photographers and the people who buy and collect art.


Would photography be more respected as an art if photographers only allowed one print of their work made?