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Police Not Happy with Student Photographic Art Project

Any experienced teacher will tell you that one of the greatest ways to teach students is by assigning take home projects. These projects allow the student to show creativity and gain invaluable instruction from the experience.   At least, if the experience is what the teacher had expected.

However, the real danger is that a take home project is often out of the teacher’s direct control. As an instructor you can really only tell the students the expected result of their labors and what form of assessment will take place from that. But the truth is, no matter how well you plan, you never quite know what the students are going to do to get expected results.

So, when the unnamed professor of an art class gave instructions to students to place a homemade pinhole camera and produce photographic art of interesting places in sunlight, the professor sure didn’t think it would end up being such a disaster.

It seems some of the students didn’t quite think the concept of duct taping a 12 oz soda can pinhole camera to a bridge over a major highway in Atlanta would be conspicuous.

However, the Atlanta Police Department expressed a different point of view when they shut down traffic for 2 1/2 hours and deployed the bomb squad to detonate the unknown cylindrical device.

Not surprisingly, the Hapeville police also didn’t see any humor in this comedy of errors when another device was found strapped on a pedestrian bridge and removed. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution this one actually had a note declaring it to be an art project.

Now the Georgia State University administration is trying desperately to cooperate with police and apologize to everyone else as the rush to remove up to 18 other similar cameras in possible public places around the city.

Meanwhile the Atlanta Police Department is investigating the matter further to see if they will charge the students or university reckless conduct for raising a false alarm. Police departments

This always brings us back to the number one rule in any form of photography. Use common sense. Police departments find no humor in stopping traffic in a major urban center for 2 ½ hours, deploy their state of the art bomb squad, detonate an unknown device, only to discover it’s some kid’s art project.

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