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Have You Seen This Powerful Display of Black and White Photographic Art?

Black and white photographic art remains as powerful today as any past era in photographic history. The crispness of duality cannot suffer any doubts and there is no greater duality than that of untainted black against the pure white.

It grabs the eye with a tenaciousness of a large dog locking its jaw on a favorite chew toy you are holding. It is an event you cannot help but notice not only through mere imagery but also tactile sensations.

Artistic photography is no different.  Once you see the results of artistic imagery founded in black and white you are permanently changed. The primordial dance between sterile whites, subtle grays and powerful blacks leave an impression on the soul that is not easily removed. It takes us to a special place in our thoughts that influence our emotions and response.

Rose Petals
Rose Petals

Indeed, this power to influence our internal emotions allow such an image as Rose Petals to reach into the very fabric of our being and calm our idealization of beautiful art. This is a rose that, devoid of color, does not lose any of power for expression on any level. On the contrary, this simple rose only gains the power of influence over our minds and hearts when its striped of color. The color of the rose no longer portrays an endless cycle of distraction from the lines, shades and integral power behind the image. It’s very soul is laid bare and we are the happier for it.

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Make A Symbol of Power Work for You

The city of Venice uses the winged lion as its symbol. The winged lion is also a symbol of St. Mark, and it’s not by coincidence that St. Mark is also the patron saint of the Venice. There is a power in these old symbols. The mere fact that you find symbols of this nature throughout the ancient world, and often modeled very similarly gives credence to the notion that they believed these symbols had an energetic power also.

In many ways this idea of energy is like that of the Chinese concepts found in Taoism and Feng Shui. In both of these philosophical ideas, objects and pictures can obtain and even hold energy. These objects, such as our wall relief here, influence the attractive or disagreeable energies surrounding us in our everyday environment. It’s believed that using these objects as art can help us in subtle ways.

For instance, a popular artistic expression of a winged lion shows the lion resting his paw on the Motto of Venice. Naturally, being Venice, the motto is in Latin and the ancient carvers may or may not have known what they were writing.  However, when carving out the motto they knew they only had so much space in which to carve the phrase “Pax tibi, Marce, Evangelista meus. Hic requiescet corpus tuum” .

That’s quite a bit of carving to place in a relatively small area without any errors. So, they used a sort of shorthand to get the whole phrase to fit. These artisans preferred the much shortened. “Pax – Evan, Tibi – Geli, Mar – Sta, Ce – Meus”. Obviously this version is a great deal easier to spell and carve. The phrase, in sum, means “Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist. Here your body shall rest.”

Seal of VeniceThe lion has a grotesque even a gargoylish expression that gives the work an expressive power of suggestion. These carved features often enhanced seals and heraldic carvings to motivate a sense of fear and foreboding in us. It is still believed in many areas of the world today that these grotesque and macabre features are useful in frightening away the evil spirits that wish us ill will. What better location therefore, than to place it on a seal of a powerful empire?

We are then drawn to the large claws surrounding the book on which the famous motto is carefully carved .   At once this message maintains both a foreboding warning of power and fear to the enemies of the owner of the seal and delivers a message of hope of protection to that owner. A message establishing that St. Mark is still present and gentle people have nothing to fear.

The idea is to enhance that message through the visual use of various artistic filters.   The shadows on this piece play a crucial role in establishing the historical and powerful feel of the carving. The deepening shadows and lighting enhance the effect of the lion as both a gargoyle and protector.  Various brown filters are then applied to allow for the stone and it’s all-important texture to suggest its permanent nature as a protective seal against evil.

These two elements drawn together allow for the energy of the piece to fully flow and provide the emotional response that makes owning the work so fulfilling.  All you need to do is display it.

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Momentum is Like a Cloud on the Mountain

Cloud on Mountain is a unique study in the power of momentum. Momentum is that invisible force that propels us from one step to the next. However, momentum is a tricky beast. Like this cloud forming on the mountain, one minute it is a mere puff of wind, the next a raging thunderstorm of unequaled ferocity.

This suggests that the beauty of momentum often lays in its sheer raw power. The power to move unstopped from one step in a series of steps to another.   If a person has momentum in their job, they are often seen as being on the fast track. It’s a positive reflection of their vision and drive to carry out their goals.

Teachers often use this idea with students to build confidence. If a teacher gets a student to ace a test by working hard and studying for it, then it’s encouraged that the student will gain a form of momentum and continue to apply themselves in that capacity.

What’s a neat idea though, is the concept that the teacher need not be a person. Experience is often thought of as one of the best teachers and a suitable amount of force or momentum definitely arises from a person’s success. It is often suggested that success breeds success. This is the power found in momentum.

However, just like every other force, there is a definite Cloud on Mountaindanger involved producing  uncontrollable momentum.   If our definition of momentum holds true, that it’s a force of energy allowing us to become unstoppable in our movement from one stage to the next in what ever we apply ourselves, then it’s necessary to understand the dangers involved.

So that a person creates the desired effect, their energy or motivation needs control and maintenance.  Put simply, if you do not control your own momentum you become very much like this cloud rising on the mountain.   The unstoppable wind behind you is forcing you into unmovable mountain. Your energy is  redirected upwards and has no way to stop.  Your power builds with no release and nowhere to escape to until you become a raging thunderstorm.

The thunderstorm becomes an uncontrollable beast with howling winds, destructive rain, and raging lightning. It simply is a cloud with too much momentum. After the storm, the angry thunderhead becomes a simple cloud again. Its momentum is lost to the environment around it. That is until it strikes the next mountain.

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