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The Good, The Bad and Our Spam

With Christmas quickly approaching everyone has begun getting into his or her last-minute Christmas shopping mode. If you’re like us, me made our list of gifts to buy slightly before Thanksgiving. However, the cold wet weather, Christmas parties, and family functions have dwindled the time to purchase quality gifts disappear quickly this year.  But, there is something we are not going to do about it.

The Good:

The last thing anyone actually wants to deal with is spam. So, A&A Photographic Arts isn’t going to send you any. That’s right, I ‘m not going to flood your mailbox with last-minute spammy messages of how you should consider buying fine art photography for that person on your list that has everything. We also will not send any emails mentioning you can buy quality photographic art that’s been put on sale, or tell you that the last day for overnight shipping for our online order system at Fine Art America is Dec.19th. Nope.

There is a strong reason why we don’t do heavy amounts of spam. This gallery receives close to 60-100 spam messages everyday. While my spam filter manages to collect about 90% of it, I still have to clear it out regularly. What is the result of all that spam? I’m not sure what a Ugg boot is, nor does any part of my body need to be “enhanced”, but I can guarantee you I will never purchase either.

The Bad:

The problem is this puts me in an advertising dilemma. Businesses like our gallery thrive on the ability to show my art to the world for the largest amount of exposure I can get. But, like I mentioned, I have no desire to send spam.   Thus the best solution I’ve come up with to create a post like this.

Our Spam:

So, if you like our solution of not sending spam this holiday season at the sacrifice of a blog post now and then; please  send or mention our gallery to as many people you can think of.  Or better yet, buy that gift we refused to advertise for that someone special.

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Oktoberfest Fall Sale and Blog Update

It’s great to start the Fall season with a triumphant event.   Our artwork is now available at 2 Cafe Brazil locations in the North Dallas Area.   You will see our works hanging at the Beltline and Richardson (U.S. 75) locations.

If you’ve never seen a photographic work printed on metal or acrylic before, you really need to go see it for yourself.  It’s an incredible product that really amazing to see.  Our special thanks to both Philip and Jessica the managers who so wisely chose us!  Go, eat, buy art!

Also, we continue to be a force of influence on the Internet. Our posts have appeared on several other design, gardening, and photography e-newsletters over 27 times!

All the while our Facebook and Google+ followers have continued to grow and expand our art across the cyberspace.  But, our Twitter followers have grown to over 1920 with more and more following every day.  Most of these are fellow artists, authors, and interesting entrepreneurs.   If you’re not following us on Facebook or Twitter yet, what’s stopping you?

You should become a Friend of A&A Photographic Arts .   Here’s how:

See! That was easy and we won’t sell your information or flood your box with emails.  We average about twice a week.  Stay tuned for more exciting news in the future.



Cyber-Monday: The Holiday Promotions Continue

Garden Morning
A quiet stroll by the pond produced such a feeling a oneness with nature. The sun, being filtered through the remains of rain giving clouds, provided the lighting for this tranquil scene.

Today is known in the world of Internet marketing as Cyber-Monday.  We understand that shopping for fine art is both exciting and draining.  Fine art continues to be the perfect gift giving idea.  It broadcasts class, finesse and a standard that says the ordinary just isn’t good enough.  It’s a wonderful chance to use our artwork to decorate the office, living room, or living quarters of someone special.


A fine art photograph of a Low Tide by Barbara Stevko.
Low Tide

Poised to be one of the largest shopping days of the season, Cyber-Monday means shoppers are out on the prowl looking for massive discounts and specials.  We will not disappoint.


Our gallery allows you to satisfy this shopping urge.  We pick 3 of the galleries art works for special attention in a limited promotion.  Only 10 prints will be available at a reduced rate. Once those prints find a new home or time runs out, we pick a new group to replace them.


Don’t wait though.  There is no guarantee we will be future promotions on that piece of art anytime soon.


Reflective abstract photograph of colored lights.
Night Water Colors

Remember, our prints are not “mass produced”.  They are only created when you order them.  This means they are a unique and beautiful gift that you can’t find in the big box stores.


Happy Cyber-Monday!   Happy Shopping!

Today’s specials are:

Garden Morning

Night Water Colors

Low Tide

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Holiday Sale!


Welcome to our Black Friday, day after Thanksgiving, start your Christmas holiday shopping promotion!

Avoid the crowds and the hassle of parking.  Shop online at our gallery.  We have no snooty salespeople here.

This is your chance to get selected fine art prints on canvas at greatly reduced prices of up to 40%.  These promotions only have a few prints and a limited amount of time.   So, don’t wait.  If you wait you lose.   Who wants to be that person?

This weekend’s promotions are:

Click here for the Infant of Prague

Click here for Passing By

Click here for Independent Lady

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