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View A Stone Wall of Silent Warning

I am a wall of Silent Warning.  My name is Pakil Yol and I became part of this stone wall centuries ago.  I’ve seen the rise of empires and the fall of many men who would be kings.  I’ve witnessed man’s brutality and his capacity for devotion to the gods.

I was there as the ugly bearded invaders sent by the great-feathered serpent-god Kukulkan arrived on our shores and pillaged our nations for their material lusts of gold and land.  The destruction brought by these bearded ones almost destroyed my tribe with war, plague and forced conversions.

Silent Warnings
O my people, where have you gone?

Not that these things were not familiar to us.  We Maya were experts of war and  used our enemies subjugation for slaves or the rare sacrifice when the gods became angry as the need arose.

But, nothing though could ever prepare us for the coming onslaught and the relentless forced abandonment of our most holy gods all in the name of the impaled god of the bearded invaders.

I, however, continued to fulfill the purpose that the shamans of ancient days had created me for.  I advised our shamans and our priests of our proper celestial lords disposition and how best to get their fleeting favor.  I would warn of a god’s displeasure, and the proper sacrifice to restore the balance.  Indeed I was given the power of prophecy for feast or famine.

In order to conjure my responses the priests or shamans merely had to say my name.  But alas, I have not heard a priest of the old ways for many centuries now.    Instead, I sit in the jungle slowly being weathered into the nothingness from which I came.  No one comes for my prophecy any longer.  No one is here to hear my cries of the displeasure of the old gods.  Now I just stay with my Silent Warning.

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