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Unanswered Questions Into Belfies Revealed

Depending on the day, I might have trouble with selfies being called photography. But I guess they have entered the culture of smartphones usage so much that to ignore them is ignoring reality. Besides, I can see how they are fun.

Though, not as fun as hitting the timer on your camera and trying to make it back to where you need to be before the shutter clicks. Who needs a cardio workout?

But what dropped my jaw is when I read Chris Gampat’s article on The Phoblographer blog about the Belfie Stick.   What’s a Belfie?   Well evidently it’s a selfie of your backside in all of its gluteus glory. Isn’t it comfortable to know that we live in such an enlightened age that they actually have a word for a picture of your rear end?  Or, that they even manufacture a stick to do it?

Pardon me, but, who takes a picture of their rear so


much that they need this?

Well evidently, the people who will be buying the Belfie Stick. It’s a specially made stick that allows you to take a picture of your backside with the push of a button.

Well, Chris did ask the right question on his blog. He wrote, “So why does the world need this? According to the Business Insider article:

“Before creating the product, On.com polled over 10,000 selfie experts. They found that many users wanted to highlight their assets from behind, but had difficulty maneuvering this type of shot with a traditional selfie stick.”

Wait; there are 10,000 selfie experts? How exactly does one become a selfie expert? Well, I went to Google for the information, but alas, other than a tumbler porn site and asking a bunch of fashion experts for advice on taking selfies I struck out.

Well anyway, if you inspire to be a Belfieographer (Hey, that’s catchy- remember you heard that term here first!) you will find The Belfie Sticks available here for $79.99.

What would you pay for a Belfie Stick?

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Maybelle Loves Patrons, Work and Theme Connections

Have you ever looked at an artwork and thought, “Ehh…”?  You don’t hate the work, but you certainly don’t love it either.  You’re not alone. This happens every time I look at art online. Why does this happen?   It’s because a connection did not form between you and the artist.

When an artist creates artwork, they are working towards creating a connection on some psychological level between themselves, their artwork, and hopefully, a patron.  The connection is an internal meaning that both the patron and the artist can mutually identify with.   It’s of paramount importance to creating any art form and specifically to continuing the artist’s particular artistic vision.

Making a connection is a risky affair for most artists. It means sacrificing the need to please everyone approach of your work and instead selecting a particular topic as the subject of the artwork.

Sadly, not every piece of art produced will create the connection that the artist so fervently works for. It’s even possible for the artwork to make connections with other viewers that was never actually grasped by the buyer. That’s the gamble and struggle of art.

Some artists seem to create these connections effortlessly.  For example, Leonardo Da Vinci was famous for creating art that glorified his patrons while insulting them at the same time. He was obviously a genius at making meaningful connections to be able to produce such results consistently. But for the rest of us, why are these connections so difficult to create or manage?

It’s not really our ability to create that is the problem. Instead, the answer lies in our individuality as a consumer. As Carolyn Edlund of Artsy Shark suggests, it’s about themes. When we go art shopping, we usually unconsciously purchase things according the theme in us.

If a rancher goes online looking for western artwork, he or she is probably very attached to art portraying life on a ranch. It’s something the rancher can identify with and it becomes personally important. This makes it highly unlikely that he/she will purchase Japanese Anime.


Anime is not an interest of the rancher and has very little sway in making his or her purchasing decisions. On the other hand, a wonderful metal print of a cow that is for sale will grab the rancher’s attention. People only tend to purchase what they are truly interested in.

Every patron of the arts will differ in opinion about what is worthy of their consideration as a collector and what is not. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.

So, when a photographic artist looks at an image and wonders whether to sell it or not, they must try to select what theme would produce the greatest chance of that shot being sold.   In fact, the mere act of placing a picture under a particular theme is also an example of the artist trying to make that ever-elusive connection.

So, what’s your favorite art theme?

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Fine Art : Gourmet Food for the Senses


People continue to work, eat and play surrounded by drab industrialized cookie cutter styled walls. It’s amazing how so many people allow their walls to stay boring.  The sad truth is plain walls are boring and depressing.


Bored and fighting depression is not what you want at home or in the work place. It will affect the way your thoughts, moods and even your health.  It’s depressing working in a place where the only flash of style or inspiration is the dead remains of a malnourished houseplant.  When people work and live in dull and non-inspiring conditions they produce dull and non-inspiring work.  People are constantly searching for new ways to increase their productivity.  How?  Fine art is your answer.


If art is food for the senses then fine art is gourmet food.  Whether it is sculpture, painting, or photographic in nature, art provides mental stimulation in places like meeting rooms or even classrooms.  Fine art  in your living room can show the type of tastes and styles that you love to be surrounded with and will inspire and emotionally recharge  you.  In fact, the art you display in your home or office communicates volumes to those who visit you. Fine art is the same for a room as wearing that power tie to a meeting or that black dress to the social event.    What does your art say? Are you gourmet?

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If You Only Were A Duck

If only you were a sleepy duck.

Your feathers would keep you from harm

Safely float in dreaming

Bill in sunlight gleaming

Fat cat frustrated upon the shore.


If only you were a waking duck.

Swimming in pond with charm

Quack and sings

Or fly with extended wings

Fat cat frustrated forevermore


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