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The Bridges of Ellis County

There exist areas of Texas that do not seem to have changed much since the 19th century. Old homesteads and farms still populate the vast countryside outside the massive cities and quaint little towns. Usually these farms connect to civilization only by tenuous barely paved roads. The bridges of Ellis County bear tribute to one such road.

Fit only for the mightiest of farm trucks and tractors you won’t see any Ferraris out on these bridges. The roads are a mixture of crumbled Texas clay and gravel. The two bridges are spanning the local creek and offer an easy way to cross. It’s obviously not without danger though. The bridges are wooden and don’t even muster the protective feel that a guard rail would offer you.

You can imagine the panic of going over one of these bridges in the dark hours of the night. There is no street light and the over grown trees and foliage would easily block any light from a helping moon.   One slip up and you spend a long night waiting for a tow truck. Assuming you could even find one to come out that far. Good luck finding with even finding phone service out here.

Bridges of Ellis County
Bridges of Ellis County

While traveling that forgotten path one Sunday morning, the memory of old childhood stories involving trolls living under the bridge flooded my memories. One can easily imagine that these bridges, or ones similar to them, are the nexus for such stories.

Indeed this is where the wild things are. Besides the obvious danger that the bridges offer, you need constant diligence against running into a spooked deer, opossum, raccoon, coyote and even a loose cow. What hides in those few dark wooded areas along this unprotected path? Have caution my friends when visiting the Bridges of Ellis County.

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