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Know Something Most Artists Don’t Know About Filters

This incredible capture of a local bird fishing by the side of a tranquil pond owes its drama and vision to the use of filters in photographic art.

What we do:

I’m often called upon to explain what a photographic artist does.  I explain not only to the everyday art lover, but often enough to painters and sculptors also. Many people, especially, other artists are often hung up with the use of photography as merely a recording tool for selfies.

Slowly, these barriers of misunderstanding are breaking down.  Especially as people see the results of science and art blended in perfect unison.

In Photographic art the light is our paintbrush and reality is our stretched canvas. However, we need to add some further explanation as our work of art Water Bird in Copper displays.

Water Bird in Copper
Water Bird in Copper

Namely, a filter is our artist palette.


This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Mlaoxve
Public domain by its author, Mlaoxve

Artist palettes are stereotypically large boards held by painters where they mix the colors of the paints. It’s one of the oldest and most recognizable pieces of equipment in a painter’s toolbox.


Painters use palettes to mix their colors to achieve the perfect nuance of color that they then apply to the picture that they are painting. It allows them to lighten or darken paints to create help them create the highlight or shadow in the work according to their need.

In photography, the use of filters is nothing new. In fact, with out the use of filters color film would never have developed. Filters allow certain wavelengths of light, or colors, through to the lens while blocking others.

In it’s artistic application; the humble filter can serve the role of the palette and dramatically enhance the drama and beauty of the picture at hand.


Buoy 5 is Not Where It’s Supposed to Be

Buoy 5 is a the result of a strange sight that greeted us during a morning walk on a storm-beaten beach. The thunderous storms and swelling waves produced an eerie calm on that beach the next morning.   It is the best moment to comb the beach for flotsam and any new shiny shells washed up in the turbulent waters.

There are all sorts of strange things to find on a beach after storms. The waves pond the shore and when there is a high tide during the downpour of wind and rain it only increases the currents and leaves all kinds of exciting treasures to find.

Naturally, our surprise was enormous when we found this navigation buoy just sitting on its side. I can only guess the power the current would need to rip one of these things from its mooring. In fact you can see the rest of the mooring structure and cable at the bottom of the buoy itself.

Honestly, the entire event reminded me of stories I heard about beaches in WWII.   The British Army had a special group of people designated to watch and comb the mud flats and beaches every morning looking for lost sea mines and other wreckage.Buoy 5

Fortunately, the navigation buoy was the most exciting thing to occur that morning. We did find a number of very nice shells, some shark teeth, about 20 dead mangled jellyfish, and even 2 dead parrotfish. But by far the capture of the morning was Buoy 5. After all does anyone really want a picture of a dead smelly parrotfish?

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7 Things About Sea Anemones You Want To Know

Forest of Light is a photograph of a sea anemone under a strangely ethereal dark light.  The light creates this wondrous glowing effect on the tips of the tentacles.  The tentacles are almost hypnotic as you watch them sway back and forth in the warm water current.  It’s easy to see how a fish might be captivated to investigate this Forest of Light.

Few things arouse people’s curiosity of the underwater world like the sea anemone.  This strange animal has both a charming beauty and an impressive slant on how looks can kill.   Well, at least if you’re a fish.  While I’ve never heard of a human death originating from the handling of an anemone, I’m not going to be the first in line to try to grab one.

Here are 7 things you always wanted to know about sea anemones.


  1. They are usually grouped together in the same group as coral or jellyfish.
  2. Like the jellyfish the tentacles of an anemone have microscopic harpoon shaped spears that shoot out into a victim causing paralysis and death to small fish.  For humans, you can imagine that while you might not die, it’s more than likely going to hurt. A LOT!
  3. They come in almost every conceivable size, color and shape from about 1 cm to almost 2 meters across.
  4. Anemones have a foot, mouth, body and tentacles.
  5. They use their foot to attach to any inanimate object on the sea floor.  They then allow their tentacles to dangle in the hopes that food will drift or swim into them and become paralyzed.
  6. When attacked or feel threatened they curl into a tight ball to protect their tentacles.
  7. There are over 1,000 different species of anemone and they live in all but the deepest parts of the oceans we’ve explored.

While it is possible that these 7 quick facts about sea anemones have laid the foundation for your next triumph as the trivia master at the next cocktail party, imagine how fabulous you would look as you acquainted your guests with the haunting beauty of sea anemones while actually looking at Forest of Light hanging on your wall showing off your fine style.

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Last Reflections of The Day and Year!

Exciting things continue to happen at A&A Photographic Arts.  We just pulled up the visitor statistics for 2013 and they show an outstanding trend of support for our art.   So, today we present a little update on our progress last year and a view of the latest our work Last Reflections of the Day.

Last Reflections of the Day is a literally last second shot of the sunset on a nice day at the Gulf of Mexico.  The refection and color in the water disappeared within 30 seconds of this shot being taken.  It truly is a shot of history and a slice of time never to be repeated just like it is.

Speaking of reflections, the start of 2014 marks the end of our 1st calendar year in business.  The ability to produce quality photographic art continues to look bright as we peer into the near future.

If we visualize our numbers we see the growth we mentioned.   A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people.  5,600 people viewed this blog in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Hold on!  You can add 4 more trains to that list for the 4,900 people who visited our online shop!  But that is just part of the story, we had visitors from more than 84 countries.  The top three countries with the most visits include the Unites States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  We also got visitors from far away locales such as Afghanistan, Mongolia and Tanzania.

In 2013, there were 102 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 121 posts.  Our most popular post was Walking Through The Zen Garden.

As if that were not enough excitement, we have also recently changed our look to a beautiful and much more stable platform so that our visitors who use tablets and smartphones can experience the art.

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Garden Mornings is a World In Itself

When expressing my thoughts of this work of art.  I found a quote that perfectly describes my relationship with this picture.  Consider walking through an amazing green garden, taking in all the sights, and discovering behind a small bend in the path lies this view.

“The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.”

-Henry Miller

This piece of art is well suited for being viewed when you first walk in a room.  It’s meant to grab your attention.  It automatically sets a tone of calm serenity and peacefulness.  If you are looking for a conversation starter, have this picture printed on the metal or acrylic options that our printer provides.  Your house is your sanctuary, let your fine artwork show your feelings.


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