close enough

That’s Close Enough for You

In Close Enough we see another example of the shorthorn cow. Like her blond counterpart, this cow seems to have the privilege of being the herd’s guard cow.

She was the most interested in my advance than any in close enoughher group of friends. It was unclear whether this was more out of curiosity or careful investigation to see if I meant any harm.

This cow looks experienced in her role in the herd. She probably is the matriarch or an alpha female. The greyish white fur that highlights her muzzle, neck, and parts of her flank suggest that she has definitely seen several years in the pasture.

What is fascinating about her though is her posture. Her ears are fully extended to allow them to hear any intruding sounds that would alert her to any danger. Even though her eyes are on the side of her head to give her the greatest field of view, she is clearly focused on what is in front of her.

Her head is slightly tilted back, also paying attention to the intruder to her tranquil pasture. If you look closely you will readily see that even though she shows interest in what is occurring in front of her, almost inquisitive even, she appears to have a look of almost recognition.

I believe that she recognizes what she sees, namely a human, but she is at the same time very wary because she doesn’t recognize this particular human. She is asking herself, “Who is that?” “What do they want?” “Do they have food?”. But somewhere in the back of her mind her instincts are informing her of the possible danger.

So, in response to the greatest question on her mind, “Does this human I like BBQ?” she has taken that last step as a guard cow. Her whole body language sends the message, “You have come close enough!”

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