Hay Fields of Texas

The Art of a Texas Hayfield

I was sweating in 78° F weather in Dallas, Texas last week.  Today I’m freezing in a balmy 32°F with new terms in my vocabulary like cobblestone ice, thunder-sleet, and frozen fog.   Unusual?  These things happen in Texas.  It’s a sign that winter has started in a serious way.


Now some of the unlucky few whom have never seen the lands around Dallas or Fort Worth may ask yourselves how such a temperature difference can happen.   The answer lies in our location.   To the north and west of the metroplex you see a lot of what our picture Hay Fields of Texas shows.   There are no trees, no hills, in fact nothing that would stop one of the famous “Blue-Northerner” cold fronts that dip down from Canada.  This is an example of what the saying “In the middle of nowhere.” means


Indeed, Hay Fields in Texas is exactly that. This is a picture of a flat agricultural farm that grows hay feed for cattle or horses on the drifting southern edge of the Great Plains.   There is nothing but flat land and desolate lonely telephone poles.


Artistically, it’s not as barren as the view may suggest.  The flatness and straight line of the horizon elevates the impression of barren nothingness.  This line blends with the pale blue sky and the contrasting brown of the field.  The lines of the field, however, present an interesting pattern that serves to beautify the hayfield.  It’s shape short lines and black, white and tan patterns are out of the ordinary and motivate our eyes to study it closer.


Overall the sudden change in colors of sky to land and natural lines found in the image serve to inspire our curiosity.  What could be so flat?  Where could such a place be?  How can we as people surrounded by buildings and tress imagine some one actually living in such a strange place?


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