Snow Plow 2

The Devil’s Rule of Thirds

The Devil was walking the streets of a large city with several of his demons.  He soon found a photographer busily engaged in taking a picture of a chess set in a local park.  The man was fumbling with a self-made see-thru plastic screen with a look of proud satisfaction on his face.  Drawn on the screen in black marker was a simple looking series of lines showing the image divided into thirds.

One of the demons quietly asked, “Master, what has this man done?”  The Devil, feeling generous, said,  “He has discovered a truth of his art.”  The demon snarled in fear, yelping, “Oh master, does man discovering truth not make you angry? Why not smite him!”  The Devil smiled and calmly replied,  “Because, it is just about now when they usually make a rule out of it.”


– A modern retelling of an ancient story.

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