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The Fabulous 5 Rules Art Game

The potential of the photographic art you own to tell others about you is directly related to the feeling you first had when you saw it for the 1st time.  If you have bought art because you admire it and you are happy to share that work with anyone who comes in your home, then both you and your art are living up to it’s ability to express your personality.

When I play a little game in my head called “Would I own it?”    I’m actually thinking about what I see very carefully.  See, in this mind game you ask yourself “Do I like it?”  In other words, regardless of who made it, would I want that art hanging or displayed in my home.

If you’d like to play this game, the following rules and questions need to apply.

1.  Ignore the price.  In fact, Don’t look at the price tag.

2.  Is that piece art?  Does that piece of artwork match your personal definition of what art looks like?

3.  Do I like it?

4.  Would I display it in my home? Office? Should I give it to someone as a gift? Do I know someone who would like this piece?

5.  Take about 10-15 sec. per work to answer those questions.  It will quickly help you discover what styles and periods you like in art and decoration and what you don’t.  I’ve learned I like Southwest art a lot, but I steer clear of Warhol type displays.

You will learn about what you like and don’t like in art.  You may even catch the collecting bug and become an art collector.  In the end, your personal preference does matter in what you display at work, home, or even give to your friends and family.

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