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The Model Bug

Sometimes it’s fun being creative.   Maybe it’s a character fault, I don’t know, but I’m convinced that creative people are just a little off-center every so often. .  The picture above is “Bug Model”.  This critter was at Norris Lake in Tennessee during the summer.  In the early morning, sometime very pre-coffee while my family enjoyed the sunrise on a sundeck, I pulled out my camera to take some snapshots.

I saw this bug and wanted it’s picture but it kept moving.  Not being totally awake yet, remember pre-coffee, I started to mumble something about the insect not being very photogenic.  Suddenly, the little bug stopped and waited for my fumbling hands to start snapping pictures.  Now, I’m not sure why I started talking to it, but I started giving it directions like at a “photo shoot.”   “ Yes, Yes, Perfect… More wing Please, Show me those eyes….  Now tuck the hind leg… Perfect!”…. As I said it, the bug would follow the commands.  It was working!   That’s when I realized half of my family was laughing at me and the other half was wondering if I was on any medication I should tell them about.  You just can’t take life too seriously, besides, it is unorthodox, but, it worked and I got the pictures I wanted.

Unfortunately, upon going home, I soon discovered that my non-caffeinated attempts met with limited success.  The shoot was fun, and I wanted to do something to honor that little bug.

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