Red Camellia

The Professional Photographer You May One Day Be.

A famous photographer put together a 5-day photography workshop in the Vatican.  Now it came to be that this photographer was notorious for having an attitude and a bit of an aristocratic air of superiority.  However, his pictures were incredible and most people forgave his attitude to try to learn and copy his techniques.


By the 3rd day of the workshop, his skills and techniques for superior photography had his students listening with intensity to his every suggestion and command.  They had spent most of their time studying natural lighting and the rules of composition.


Suddenly, a feeling of excitement hit the small group of students.  The Pope was walking between buildings surrounded by cardinals and other high-ranking members of the Church.  Everyone in the workshop quickly lost their composure and started taking as many pictures of the Pope as they could. It looked like an attack of the paparazzi.



After several minutes of chaos, and several stern looks from security, the students returned to their famous teacher.  He started by saying, “Well, as you can see, that was an exciting event.”  “But, you’ll notice that I still took my time, I watched my angles, my lighting and I practiced the rules of composition to make sure that I made my pictures of the Pope  correctly.”  He continued, “You may have noticed, that I did take several shots in rapid succession, something I never do, because of the rarity of such an event taking place.”  “However, I maintained my composure and acted as the professional you may one day be.”


All of the students were nodding in agreement and wishing they had this photographer’s composure; except for one student who started to giggle.  The photographer looked on with disapproval and exclaimed, “You there, why are you laughing?   “Well sir”, she replied,   “Your lens cap is still on.”


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