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Unanswered Questions Into Belfies Revealed

Depending on the day, I might have trouble with selfies being called photography. But I guess they have entered the culture of smartphones usage so much that to ignore them is ignoring reality. Besides, I can see how they are fun.

Though, not as fun as hitting the timer on your camera and trying to make it back to where you need to be before the shutter clicks. Who needs a cardio workout?

But what dropped my jaw is when I read Chris Gampat’s article on The Phoblographer blog about the Belfie Stick.   What’s a Belfie?   Well evidently it’s a selfie of your backside in all of its gluteus glory. Isn’t it comfortable to know that we live in such an enlightened age that they actually have a word for a picture of your rear end?  Or, that they even manufacture a stick to do it?

Pardon me, but, who takes a picture of their rear so

much that they need this?

Well evidently, the people who will be buying the Belfie Stick. It’s a specially made stick that allows you to take a picture of your backside with the push of a button.

Well, Chris did ask the right question on his blog. He wrote, “So why does the world need this? According to the Business Insider article:

“Before creating the product, polled over 10,000 selfie experts. They found that many users wanted to highlight their assets from behind, but had difficulty maneuvering this type of shot with a traditional selfie stick.”

Wait; there are 10,000 selfie experts? How exactly does one become a selfie expert? Well, I went to Google for the information, but alas, other than a tumbler porn site and asking a bunch of fashion experts for advice on taking selfies I struck out.

Well anyway, if you inspire to be a Belfieographer (Hey, that’s catchy- remember you heard that term here first!) you will find The Belfie Sticks available here for $79.99.

What would you pay for a Belfie Stick?

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