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What Is Your Favorite and Least Favorite Form of Photography?

I have spent a couple months now searching websites and looking at galleries and I’ve come to a conclusion.  The truth is clear, you are a great photographer of something. It might be might be weddings, it might be floral and landscapes,  or even the tiny world of Macro photography.  But, make no mistake, you are an accomplished professional at one or more areas of photography.

After all, you may think that taking pictures at a wedding is natural and easy.  You glide through a wedding party like a skater on ice.  Or, you enjoy the comfort and sanctity of a studio with backdrops and reflectors, tripods and light kits where you control the action at your pace.  Maybe, you’re the outdoors type and happiness is sitting in stagnant muck and mire to get a shot of a bird.  In these environments you are a true professional, your pictures are brilliant and your client base says so.

But, There is an area of photography that you are not experienced at.  The very thought of it might fill your head with dread. There are people who hate weddings.  They last too long, the clothes are uncomfortable, everyone looks artificial and so forth.   There are people who don’t like to be outside.  It’s too hot, too wet, too cold.  You can’t always control the light or the angle of the shot. There are photographers who hate being indoors with demanding models and clients. There are even photographers hiking thru jungles and getting all sorts of parasites and nasty creepy crawlies living inside them.  Seriously? Who writes in their diary “Had a good day today, took picture of quetzal bird, maybe caught a tapeworm eating the local food, only 23 mosquito bites, a close call with a snake crawling on me and I only had to deal with 6 blood sucking leeches and a venomous spider. Can’t wait for tomorrow.  YA !”

Ugh, knowing this who would wish to become a photographer?   And yet…

People exist who work in these forms of photography every day and they love it!  The diversity found in photographers is astounding.  The world of photography is a different place for each of us.  We are all awesome photographers, and we are all amateurs at something.  This means that its o.k. for some people to take better pictures than I can and I take better pictures than others.  It’s a thought I try to remember everyday.

What is your favorite form of photography?  What’s your least favorite?

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2 thoughts on “What Is Your Favorite and Least Favorite Form of Photography?”

  1. Technical Photography would be the favorite.
    Is there such a thing as Divorce Photography – after wedding photography that would be my least fav.

    1. Hi Carl. I’m willing to show some ignorance. What is Technical Photography? I think divorce photography would be awful but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone was doing it.

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