County Road

What Lays Down that Dirt Road?

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,” – Robert Frost


Thus wrote Robert Frost in the last stanza of Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.   It is not unusual for one artist using a medium such as painting or photography to use another medium such as poetry or sculpture to inspire a work of art.  This happened when I saw this unknown country road in the piney woods of East Texas.


Country Road is an artistic work of mystery.   It develops a sense of interest in what lays down that dirt road.  The woods have both a dark foreboding feel to them and an almost inviting quality that inspires interest and investigation.


Do we rise to the challenge and satiate our curiosity?  Can we alter our preconceived notions of what may lay down this enchanting dirt path?  The constant themes of duality push us on.


A farm may exist on the other end of this forest or even a lost foreboding decaying confederate cemetery. Anything is possible in these areas of Texas.


You might guess a small town carved out of the green woods and growing underbrush impressing any “city folk” with its lack of size?  People who live in metropolitan areas are so often thoroughly shocked on how small towns or villages are so, well small.


The road with brownish red dirt and the tire tracks caused by many pick-up trucks become a human element.  Yet, this road contrasts completely with the dark natural forest in its greens and wooden greys.  The forest, or the natural world, indeed challenges the human element of the clay road.  The trees and vines push on the sides of the road and nature even encroaches in the middle of the path.  A tuft of green grass barely visible and only where the tire tracks have not pounded the Texas soil into the hard clay.  This action suggests that nature refuses to yield to humankind.

This photographic work is a captured slice of a summer afternoon.  It remains a permanent comment on the duality and conflict of man vs. nature, mystery vs. knowledge, and how something so dark appears lovely to us with untold of miles to go in our journey thru photographic art.  Country Road asks the question. What lays down that dirt road?

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