Infinity Pool

Whispered Secrets about “Infinity Pool”

Stepping back into the realm of black and white photography this week, we present our new work Infinity Pool.   Infinity pools are a unique type of water pool designed to enhance the mirage that the water in the pool goes on forever.

Indeed, it was this very mirage that inspired the beginning of this work. As I looked down the length of the pool I noticed to my delight that the texture of the turbulent lake behind the pool was a stark contrast to the smooth almost waveless pool. Also, the scene provided me yet with another layer of excitement by providing a third visual contrast of the lake lapping against the far shoreline.

However, it was only when I started the process of photographic development that yet another stunning aspect of the scene burst forth. I had noticed the reflection  off of the pool in the original photograph, but with the blue hues of the pool water compared to the lake behind it the sheer drama of the light was lost.

Infinity PoolIt was only by enhancing the black and white tones did I discover the wonder of the true picture. The reflection struck me the most.  So, as the intensity in the scene increased outwards to the background, the texture and brightness of the light led my hand in choosing the overall development of the work.

I present Infinity Pool as an example that sometimes the true beauty of the photograph is only discovered in the post-production handling of a scene.

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