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Who Would You Choose?

A man wished to become an accomplished photographer.  So, he began a search for a suitable photographer to apprentice under.  Knowing he would have to prove his worth to his new teacher, he took several photographs, had them printed, and then put them into a bound portfolio to showcase his best work.  He then called two professional photographers to set up a meeting to discuss his future.


The 1st photographer met with him.  “Your portfolio is very good.” He said.  “You obviously have an eye for detail and will learn the art quickly at my famous studio.”  He added.  “I could easily expect you making a name for yourself as an accomplished photographer in 2 years.”  The man, though excited, asked if he could further think the offer over and left.


The 2nd photographer also met with him.  He spent several minutes looking through the students portfolio and quietly put it back on the table. He looked at the wealthy man and said. “I’m sorry, I see nothing here that says your going to be a great photographer.” He paused for a minute then continued, “Your depth of field is lacking, you have yet to get the exposure right.”  “Worse,  you obviously have no idea how to set up any kind of composition worth really talking about.”  “However”, he added.  “If you were to work at my studio I have no idea how long it would take you to learn.” ” At the moment, the best you could hope for would be to sweep my studio floor and help carry equipment.”


Who would you choose?

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