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Why Do We Send The Same Old Cards?


Sending greeting cards is a critical element in maintaining the important social connections in your life.  It is a polite and professional way of letting the other person know that you are thinking about them.  Indeed, when you buy and mail a personal greeting card your announcing to that person that they have a powerful connection with you.

Greeting cards can also be used to project a desired image.  Imagine sending wedding gift thank you notes in a card with a display of fine art.  You could also use the cards as handwritten invitations to that special party or event, and adding fine art creates that sense of sophistication and grace that goes on the traditional greeting card.   Handwriting your card may seem a little old-fashioned, but most modern communication experts tell us that it is the most personal and meaningful way to communicate with your family, friend and future or past business contacts.

Why do we sell fine art on cards?  For years, people have shopped in retail stores and card shops and always experienced the same problems. The cards were either to emotional, used inappropriate humor for the occasion, or even insulting and stereotypical. Aren’t the bad jokes about birthday’s, the sappy lines, and the old cliché’s about the obligatory printed thank you cards wearing thin?  Writing your own message in a card is a great way to solve this.


In all, we send greeting cards for various reasons. Some of the reasons listed are traditional, some religious, and some are regional to our culture.  But they all make great impressions when said with fine art.


Anniversary Love
Birthdays Sickness
Funerals Graduations
Invitations Weddings
Thank you Thinking of you
Congratulations Sympathy
New Jobs New Houses
Retirement New baby
Christmas Hanukkah
New Years Valentines Day
St. Patrick’s Day Easter
Mothers Day Fathers Day
Cinco De Mayo 4th of July
Quinceañera Ramadan
Eid Hajj
Vesākha (Buddha Jayanti) Halloween
Thanksgiving Diwali


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