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Why I take pictures of Flowers and Animals

For me the “art” of photography just happens.  When I go on a photo shoot I’m looking for certain things that tell me that a particular flower or animal is right for that a picture I want to take.  I look for flashes of color.  I want to see a simple white petal and how a sharp contrast of color makes it stand out.  I love finding how deep blues and purples work with the yellows and greens.

Its nature at it’s best.  That in itself is another key.  I want pictures of gardens and animals to contain magnificence.  I look at the peacock and notice that nature has made sure that there is green in every blue feather and every tail feather is iridescent in sunlight.  The divine mathematical precision of the petals of a flower.  The wings of a bird or tail of the squirrel having just the right curve and the perfect colors to produce both form and function.

I love to see how a beautiful flower can not only add light and color to a room but also enhance the flow of the design.

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