Red Stop Door

You Won’t Believe What This Artist Did

Stories like the recent incident with an artist in Iceland make me believe that the meaning behind our recent work “Red Stop Door” is so necessary to see the silliness of the art world around us. Everyday there are events that happen in the art that Hollywood could never emulate on their best of days or movie making.

Case in point, the Icelandic authorities arrested artist Marco Evaristti for, get this, dyeing a hot springs geyser pink. According to Artnet, the artist poured food dye into a hot springs geyser so that it would erupt in a fabulous display of pink water and spray.

Photo: Marco Evaristti via Facebook
Photo: Marco Evaristti via Facebook

When asked why, he commented,

“Nature belongs to no one,” Evaristti insisted. “I do what I do because I’m a painter, a landscape painter who doesn’t use a canvas, I paint directly on nature.”

“I believe in freedom of speech and I believe nature doesn’t belong to certain people, but to everyone,” he argued, adding, “I love mother nature. If I love a woman I give her a diamond ring. That’s why I decorate nature, because I love it.” –Artnet

Seriously, who needs reruns of some nameless primetime drama when this happens in real life? Oh, and not just once but 5 times this artist has dipped into his artistic perchance for coloring water geysers and waterfalls.

It is unfortunate for him that the local authorities and landowners don’t quite see his actions in the same artistic celebratory vein. All though I have to admit, the conversations in the jailhouse yard must be rather exciting.

Can you imagine?

“So what are you in for?”

“Assault”… “You?”

“Oh, I turned a geyser pink in the name of art!”

Who knows? Mr. Evaristti might receive the celebratory status he obviously craves. As for me, I ponder the silliness of it all. On one hand you have a man who is obviously creative if not just a wee bit eccentric to the point of a mental evaluation. On the other, I can’t help but wonder how his eccentric behavior influences his art sales and gallery representation. Is this guy laughing all the way to the bank? It is something to consider.

Hmm.. I wonder if I could dye some Longhorn cattle purple?  Nah.

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