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The internet allows collectors and patrons to buy art and either give feedback or remain anonymous.  This is a powerful new way to buy and give art for collectors.

We deeply respect that.  In fact, one of the defining principles decided while creating A&A Photographic Arts  was not to sell our collectors information so that you the patron do not become slammed with uncontrollable amounts of spam.

“The metal prints look terrific in the Library. It arrived all packed in bubble wrap and nestled in so the prints were protected from scratches. Providing the hardware made it very easy to hang them as soon as they arrived.” – Greenhill School


However, this idea presents a challenge for us as a gallery.   Unlike at an art fair or an actual store, we never get to meet you face to face.  How then do we  personally say thank you for your patronage?

The answer lies in a simple contact form.  Its designed to work like a sign-in book at an art fair.   Know in your heart that we would love to hear from you.   By filling out this form it also allows our gallery to watch the level of professionalism, customer service, and craftsmanship that our current print service company is offering to you.

Get My Good Side
“It’s all my style” – dancing peacock

The gallery of A&A Photographic Arts is impossible without your support and feedback as a patron of the arts.  Buying a piece of photographic fine art is not about buying some really cheap print from the clearance bin at a retail store.  It’s more involved than that.  It’s also about personal style and finesse. It’s a statement.  Anyone can go to a home improvement store and buy cheap art.  Only fine art screams of your success, your taste, and your personal style.

On the other side of the same coin, purchasing  fine art enables our artists to feel the blessing of a person in the world seeing the true value of sharing an emotional experience that only art is capable of bringing.  Nothing motivates an artist like feedback that someone appreciates and perceives their creative talents.  It’s the greatest feeling.

Thanks again for your support, we look forward to providing you with more quality fine art in the future.  Keep the dream alive.  Buy Art!


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